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  1. I use it for similar functionality. I'm a worship leader as well, but I use drop box for all my song/chord sheet storage. I use EN essentially for storing all the bible study lessons that I teach. I actually outline my lessons and teach from that outline during class. iPad on order and with EN on iPad, I won't have to carry my macbook to class anymore. Hoping that I can find a good tab app for the iPad that could open chord sheets either from EN or from dropbox.
  2. My recent foray into organization is using namespaces. I don't use the tagging feature much and don't have that many notebooks. Here's an example. Notebook: Recipes. Notes in Recipes. Appetizer.spinach dip Entree.Crab Souffle Those are fake, here are some of my real ones. Faith notebook contains the notes relating to classes I teach, spiritual journeys, etc. Lessons.Loving the Unlovable Lessons.Serve the World General.Calvins Institutes Book 1 Ch 3 WotW.Research.The Barna Group - New Research Explores How Technology Drives Generation Gap Code notebook contains various programming code snippets (namespace contains language) Perl.Joining Files Perl.WWW::Curl::Easy SQL.MSI PROBLEM BASH.While Read Maybe this will help?
  3. I use a similar methodology for my notebooks using namespaces. For instance: I have a notebook titled Code for storing code snippets. Titles within that notebook are as follows: Perl.Joining Files Perl.Curl SQL.Work Report There's even further granularity. WotW.Research.Checking mail on unprotected network Anyone else use similar?
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