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  1. When creating a sketch in Evernote for iOS, one can choose only from 10 colours, and they are ... uhm... unsubtle. Could you please please implement a colour-picker in that panel? A lot of other note-taking apps do. They even allow one to save a new colour to the swatches.
  2. I use Penultimate on the iPad with the Apple Pencil. It syncs with the Evernote service and the iOS app just fine, but of course in the main Evernote app, the notes are read-only. That's OK, but why on earth can't that 'read only' message include a link using a standard URL scheme that takes me back to that particular note in Penultimate? "Click here to edit this note in Penultimate." Seems like only a few hours of coding to me, unless I'm missing something.
  3. When you use Safari's web clipper thingy, and some other tools, to get content into Evernote, you then can't just place the cursor on the first line and hit enter to move the stuff down to make space for notes. I want to write little notes in plain text above when I put in ... this doesn't even work if you add it as a PDF.
  4. A few features in Evernote, that are really useful, like the All Notes button the toolbar, haven't got any discernable keyboard shortcut associated with them. Why?
  5. Hi guys Anyone else think the table editing in EN sucks? Using the Mac, iPhone and web versions I don't seem to be able to get it to add columns, delete columns etc. Come on Evernote.... don't spoil the ship for a hapeth of tar!
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