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  1. After being "away for a while" I thought I'd give Evernote another try. First thing I'm doing is seeing what happens when I try to import a large collection of data. I'm starting with my financial statements, receipts, etc., which are all chronologically stored with an accurate "created" and "updated" date. This allows me to very easily look in (for example) my "MetLife" folder and see a reverse-chronological history of every statement that I've received. UNFORTUNATELY, Evernote blows away BOTH the created and updated dates on the file during import! How do I preserve the original file dates when importing a large volume of data (mostly PDFs, probably a few other file types as well)?
  2. Folder actions definitely help! That actually works very nicely... Now all I'm missing is the very clean UI that the Evernote folks did over ScanSnap's own. Maybe ScanSnap will pick up a few tips... ;-)
  3. I have a ScanSnap S1500M, a beautiful scanner (that I suspect is about 99% identical to the Evernote ScanSnap product). Unfortunately, I can't use the very nice ScanSnap Evernote Edition because it won't recognize the scanner (I tried). But I'd love to improve the document scanning and importing, specifically: The EverNote edition of ScanSnap smartly recognizes photos, documents, business cards, etc., and puts them into appropriate notebooks. The standard ScanSnap software does not, so I have a simple "Inbox" notebook where all scans initially arrive. Is there any way to improve this workflow and make it more like the Evernote ScanSnap software? Is there any way to use the S1500M with the Evernote edition that I'm not aware of (short of buying a new, and yet almost identical, scanner for $500)?
  4. I really wish there was a better way to do this. What I really want is to see a visual representation of the card (the person's picture and info), NOT just a little vcard icon. Right now, I actually use Skitch to grab the Address Book window and drop a JPG into Evernote. I get the visual representation, and Evernote is pretty good at text indexing the image... so, it works. But it's a pain in the arse, and obviously has to be manually updated.
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