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  1. I recently updated a note in Evernote on my iPad. When I later opened EN on my Mac, I found about 6 different copies of the same note (including the original version) each with slightly different revisions, as if EN synced every few seconds while I had the note open on my iPad and synced each time I typed a word. In the prior EN versions, updates / new notes / revisions to existing notes on my iPad synced seamlessly with EN on my Mac, meaning no additional notes, no multiple revised notes. While on my iPad, EN was closed on my Mac, so it's not an issue of having the app open in multiple places. Is this a bug in the new version? Has anyone else experienced this? What can be done to resolve this?
  2. I have an Evernote Premium account, which includes the capability to send unlimited emails to my EN email address so I can store them in EN. Except this function no longer works. I've tried to send several email from my Gmail account into EN in the last several days. None of them appear in my default folder and I don't have settings enabled to automatically sort and store into other notebooks. Has this function been disabled with the recent upgrades? If so, why? I consider emailing into EN essential. If not disabled, would someone please explain why it may not be working? Thank you.
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