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  1. Just found a new nice "feature" of cut and paste from my Evernote to Outlook. Try pasting a list with check-boxes in it without converting to pure text (which would completely kill my indented bullet list).... It gives me "Fehler! Es wurde kein Dateiname angegeben!" (in English sth like "Error! No file name given!"). My Clipboard-Spying-Tool shows me that Evernote is using special img tags in the HTML-converted data in the clipboard "<img class="en-todo">". Apparently Outlook tries to parse these tags and complains about the missing file. According to http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_img.asp this is invalid HTML code as "The <img> tag has two required attributes: src and alt." ... Apart from that bullet lists with different indent. levels themselves are also still a horrible mess...
  2. My current workaround: AutoHotKey script that opens a dialog to enter some text. This is saved as a txt in an auto import folder for Evernote. Sadly, there does not seem to be a command line switch for this.
  3. Gazumped, it might not be your standard use case but apparently for a lot of users it is one. So putting this down as an "edge case" is IMHO a little condescending. Of course there are workarounds like "regularly look for misplaced notes by sorting by date and saved searches etc." - but these are only workarounds for a problem apparently also recognized by the developers (see the comments regarding my bug report above). So probably also no need to file another bug report for the same issue.
  4. No, he won't. If you read this thread carefully you will see that there is a situation your notes will go to somewhere work somewhere in some notebook in Evernote minimize or even close the Evernote main window do something completely different in a completely different application ... for a longer time .... have an idea and want to make a quick note using Evernotes global shortcut Win+N (or Ctrl+Alt+N or whatever you choose in the settings) jot down your note easily miss the fact that (regardless of all the nice settings in Evernote) the last active notebook you may have used some hours ago is preselected for your new note (instead of your default notebook) unintentionally save the new note to this notebook by just jotting-down-and-closing the note window
  5. When I get a mail with an Evernote note link (e.g. for a reminder; https://www.evernote.com/shard/s18/nl/2071628/...) it opens in Safari where I most of the time have to login into Evernote (as the login expires after 30 days). The current iOS however allows to open specific URLs directly in the corresponding app (e.g. Wikipedia links in the Wikipedia app, Amazon links in the Amazon app etc.). IMHO this behavior would be excellent for Evernote on iOS, too.
  6. Unfortunately not. The ticket itself got even closed today "because the issue was given to engineering and they will look at it and there's nothing more we can tell you now so please just keep updating Evernote hoping for a fix"
  7. In the meantime the ticket got escalated to technical support (I asked for it)
  8. Here's their Feedback: Prior to version 6, new note shortcut went to default. After version 6, new note shortcut goes to current notebook. There isn't currently an option in the menu to choose where new notes created via shortcut are placed. The change the team is working on would add this option in. There are a lot of users that have requested the old behavior back, so the issue is definitely on the engineering team's radar. I've passed on your input as well and will do what I can to get the change prioritized.
  9. The problem was escalated to their "technical team for further review".
  10. Ok. So I got my feedback which can be summed up as "known bug", "some rather inconvenient workaround suggestions" and "unknown when Evernote will address this".
  11. I filed a bug (Ticket# 1737245 - Wrong notebook using the global Win+N shortcut).
  12. I just filed a ticket ("Ticket# 1737217 - Copy-Pasting bullet lists from Evernote to Outlook destroys list format")...
  13. Another workaround: Use the (new?) Evernote Webinterface to copy your text. It works in either direction (Evernote Web -> Outlook and vice versa) without breaking bullet lists!
  14. BTW I just tried the equivalent on my Mac. Here everything works as expected....
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