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  1. Here is my ticket number from Saturday May 9th with no response #1061694 Here is my ticket number from Sunday May 10th with no response # 1063091
  2. I signed up for Evernote Premium over 2 days ago via the Buy now button in the iPad and Mac app. In fact I signed up duplicate subscriptions (charged twice)on both my iPad and my Mac and I'm still stuck at Evernote Basic. I've put in 2 support tickets with absolutely no response to Evernote, in fact the system taunts me and says only premium customers receive support. I received a response from iTunes already regarding this issue. It's remarkable, I was really excited to get back into Evernote and start recommending it again to customers and friends and this has been an absolutely frustrating experience. This is a terrible way to treat a customer, especially someone who paid and is just trying to get the account working. There is no phone number, no way to escalate a ticket. This is my final hail mary. Whoever is in charge of customer service should be fired. Dan
  3. Hello Everyone. Hopefully the last 4 days I have spent troubleshooting the latest Mac version of Evernote and what I have found will help someone else out there who Loves Evernote and cannot live without it. My girlfriend has a large Evernote database with over 10,000 notes, most of which have images or pdfs embedded with them. There have been just a couple of times where Evernote would not synchronize on her Macbook Air. The solution was simply delete the application support / Evernote folder and allow Evernote to resynchronize overnight. When she called me last week distressed and completely lost as to what she should do, since her Evernote wouldn't synchronize, I reassured her that I can fix it easily. Or so I thought. It started out with me deleting the application support folder and preference folder and attempting a synchronization. What I learned is on 5.0.3 It's an impossible task to complete. After literally days of attempting just about everything (and when I say everything, I'm in IT I mean everything) here is what ultimately was the solution. WiFi - As it turns out, Evernote is very touchy on packet loss. It does not have the ability to resume well on initial synchronizations. If it fails it needs to start over completely. This was one of the main issues, as the re-download of just the meta database took 15 minutes. Then to go into the analysis of what needs to download would take another hour. If any interference was present, it would popup the Synchronization Failure, Evernote is unable to connect with the Evernote service... I only discovered this because we were doing facetime and it would black out then Evernote would pop up. There was almost no ping loss. What I did to resolve this was simply have the laptop placed directly next to the access point. Standby / Energy saver disabled temporarily, and of course charging. 5.0.3 - This version of Evernote simply does not synchronize properly. I'm not sure if it's just the initial synchronization or subsequent synchronize, but after at least 15 attempts under various conditions it was simply impossible. I looked in her downloads folder and found version 5.0.2 which was contained within the image file Evernote_400649.dmg. I closed Evernote, and simply overwrote the application with the 5.0.2 version from the image file and loaded Evernote up. After about an hour of processing and comparing notes were flying down and the log was finally showing positive activity! If you keep getting log outputs where in the end of hundreds of outputs at the end of the line show "... Ignoring", you should likely downgrade to the 5.0.2 app as that's one of the symptoms she was having. A crucial troubleshooting utility I used the entire time was the Activity Log (found under the help menu on the top of the screen). If you load this and do not click the log it will constantly scroll the current tail of the log. Hopefully this helps you out. Please let me know if it does in the comments. Thanks Dan
  4. Hello Can someone point me to a kb article, or list of IP's that Evernote sends mail from? Since Evernote spoofs email addresses from sender, no notifications can send unless we add Evernote's mail server IPs to our spam firewall. Thanks so much in advance. Dan
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