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  1. So after being an evernote user for probably 2 years now, it's only been in the last couple week where I've really started to use Evernote heavily, and really love it just that much more. After first I was trying to juggle multiple notebooks, but it kept annoying me i always seemed to be on the wrong one or not on All Notebooks. I've recently gone to a single notebook setup, and using a Saved Search to bring up my sort of inbox (notes without any tags). My problem is that when clicking on various tags, you automatically clear out the search. If you click on the tag Recipes and then click on the tag Computer Stuff, your Recipes search is cleared and you now just have Computer Stuff. It doesn't show you all notes taged with Recipes AND Computer Stuff. When selecting my saved search of "items with no tags", and then clicking on a tag on the left, for some reason my no tag search is still on there and the specific tag I clicked on is added. Obviously I can't have a note not tagged with anything AND tagged with a specific tag, so nothing comes up. I'm wishing selecting a tag after clicking on a saved search clears out your seach just like if you had selected a previous specific tag. Any ideas or problems anyone forsees? I do love Evernote. I make it a point almost everday to mention Evernote to one person, and occasionally they ask, "What's Evernote?", and I am more than happy to tell them! Bobby B.
  2. I don't know if I'm a big fan of having to delete it twice... Will think about it though.
  3. Anyone have any thoughts, or how they use Evernote in relation to E-mail? I think i've finally got my system of tags and notebooks down to where I'm comfortable using them and getting the most out of Evernote. I find myself having trouble whether i should keep and e-mail in folders in my e-mail for later, or to send it to Evernote and delete it from my email account.... Anyone have any thoughts, tips or best practices? Evernote is the best and I tell ALL my friends about it! Bobby B.
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