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  1. Hi all, I have been a long time user of EN Premium now for coming on 10 years. I am looking at using it seriously for business and wonder; How many use Evernote Business and how well do you find it works? What other alternatives did you consider and test before using this tool or upgrading to EN Business? Looking through this initial posting in the Business group I have to be honest it does not inspire alot of confidence. Granted it's not fair to base a products performance on such a small sample of the entire EN Business user community; but.. On the other hand I don't see alot singing praises to EN Business that it's all singing all dancing......hmm? Appreciate hearing feedback from fellow EN users TIA, David
  2. We tried running the premium version with 3 people. Problem after problem after problem. We finally bit the bullet and went to the business and Viola - almost all the issues went away. You want easier, spring for the business, IMHO. Good Luck Rick Hi Tiddly27, You said 'almost' all the issues went away; what did not? Thanks
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