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  1. I still have this problem with Evernote 3.0.6 (221382) + OS X 10.7.3. This is just a reminder.
  2. Hello Dave, I found that the problem was due to OS X's PDF engine. If you drag and drop the PDF on a Keynote slide or TextEdit RTF, you will get the same "thin" image. You will get the same result if you save the PDF as a GIF image from Preview.app.
  3. Hello, I added one more screen shot of the preview on Win XP. The line thickness is similar to Preview.app and convert.
  4. It is very hard to see thin lines in Evernote's PDF previews in notes. Please see the attached images. I want Evernote to show preview images in wider lines as Preview.app and convert do. ASIC0Ch00Block000_joint.pdf.zip
  5. Hello Dave, Thanks a lot. I suppose you already have an idea on the issue. But I tried the same using TextEdit.app with RTF mode. The typing speed is not affected by the PDF (see the attached screen shot). Just for your information.
  6. Hello users, When I attache a bit heavy PDF files in a note, the typing speed gets very slow. I guess this is due to the CPU cost to preview the PDF images inline the note, and it may be due to the OS X API. But I think the rendering engine should not redraw the preview pictures which should be kept in memory, during I am typing keys. I attached an example PDF which makes the typing speed very slow. Please put the file in a note and then type some text. I would like to know if there is a workaround for this problem (bug ? feature?). Of course, I would appreciate it if the developer team could solve the issue. I am using the Evernote 1.10.1 (93489) and OS X 10.6.4. small.pdf.gz
  7. That's is your case. And please remember that my post is just an example. Your idea does not work if you visited more than 100 restaurants which serve awesome gnocchi. Your comments are not directly related to my original post and I don't want to discuss them here.
  8. >> chem242 If you write text in ONE long long note, you don't need to use Evernote. Textedit.app is good enough for you I don't write usual diary with Evernote, but diary is a good example. If you have tags; food, sport, school, TV, girl/boy friend in your diary, you might be interested in reading all notes written about your girl/boy friend when you want to look all attached pictures and comments on them. Do you want to write all things about her/him in only one note? Probably not. If you don' remember the name of a restaurant which you went a year ago, you cannot search the notes. But if you can continuously read all the notes which have the foot tag, you will easily find the name from pictures, menus, or comments. This is just an example, but nobody will disagree with me.
  9. Thanks for reply. I did not know that there was a tape view mode in previous versions because I have been using Evernote since v3.5. I could not find the thread when I searched the forum. The old thread is full with requests by long-term users and the developers might think that they should use older version. But the tape feature is also requested by a new user like me who does not know the fact that there was the tape view. Therefore I think this is a must which is very useful for all users including newbies and veterans. If the tape view will not be back, Evernote will not become better than paper forever.
  10. Hello, I often write long logs for my physics experiments at a lab and separate them into some notes which are related each other. When I do the same thing using non-digital notebook and a pen, I can read the log continuously by flipping the pages of the non-digital notebook. But I cannot do it with Evernote. I have to chose a note and scroll down to the end, and then click the next note ... repeatedly. I think it is very useful if I can read some notes continuously like non-digital notebooks. "Two pages view" as in Preview.app would be also great because most PC have wide displays.
  11. Suppose that I open Evernote main window in Space (of expose) 4 and open a note separately in Space 2. The current space should be kept in Space 2 while I am editing the note. However, Spaces unexpectedly navigate the current space to Space 4 where the Evernote main window is opened. This is very annoying when I am editing a note referring other applications such as Safari and Mail.app. I am using Evernote 1.9.0 and OS X 10.6.4.
  12. Hi, I want a display of the number of attached files in a note, like Apple Mail. Is this already implemented?
  13. Hi, I need this feature too. I log my physics experiment at a lab using Evernote everyday. During each experiment, I create many (sometimes more than 100) graphs and histograms to display the experiment data and compile them into some PDF files, and then attache them to an Evernote entry. However, as martinf pointed out, Evernote extend the all of PDF pages inline. Due to this "feature", it is very hard to write my comments between attached PDF file positions. I have to scroll hundreds of pages to read only a few line of my comments. I really need a button which toggles "multiple-page inline display" and "only PDF icons (or title pages)" in a future version.
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