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  1. I have the same problem. On my macbook pro, whenever I search anything, Evernote starts hogging my memory and thus becomes unresponsive. After a (long) while Evernote gives the memory back, but this is a really unacceptable way to operate. Edit: Last time this happened (5min ago) Evernote had up to 9GB of memory usage
  2. Tags browser has some "features" which should be bugs. Selecting multiple tags is tedious. I need to cmd+click or shift+click each tag I want to select. Suggestions: click one tag, shift+click a tag will select all tags between those 2 click+drag in "free" space (like in finder) [*]When accidentally missing a tag on click all selections deselect, this is way too frustrating [*]Deleting tags doesn't have a keyboard shortcut. Only the right-click menu allow deleting. [*]Add cmd+bksp to delete all selected tags
  3. Hi, I couldn't find anything in the search about this. I noticed a bug in one of my saved searches: If searching with any: -tag:* it returns all notes, like it couldn't handle the negation in any mode. Anybody else have this problem?
  4. Okay, installed the new version, fixed my problems. Friday night my Win7 crashed again and thus Evernote was broken again this morning. Now it seems to forget my notes database aswell as the internet connection. Currently downloading the newest version, let's see if that fixes anything. I'm beginning to think that Evernote could have something to do with the crashes. What other reason is there for Evernote to break from windows crashes?
  5. I now had Evernote running for almost a week. Last night my Windows crashed (unrelated, I hope ) and after that crash Evernote gives the same error message than in the OP. I rebooted the machine and no change. Though I'm pretty sure that installing anew version will fix this. Why would Evernote stop working in realtion to a windows crash?
  6. Sync worked with EN version: for one day. And then the next day it didn't work anymore.
  7. Hey, I'm using EN4 on my work computer and have been unable to get it working. It worked for one day last week, but the next day it didn't work. My system: Win 7 32-bit EN version: Log: I am loged in with my username and not e-mail. I've tried rebooting a few times, I've tried removing my database, I've accessed EN web with IE9 (This gave me an browser unsupported message the first time I logged in), I've accessed https://www.evernote.com/status.jsp with IE9 without problems. I just don't know what to do anymore, and not having the desktop client is really crippling my workflow.
  8. Hi, I just stumbled across this lack today. I wanted to look for notes that were in all but one of my notebooks. But it didn't work. I'd really hate to have to specify all other notebooks in the search, so please add the ability to exclude notebooks from search
  9. Hi, This is a feature I've really missed a lot. I hate it that I have to delete and recreate a saved search, if I need to change some of the parameters. So could you please add a possibility to edit the search query.
  10. Ok, I tried loggin in with my username. The result: And I tried logging in with IE, I have IE9 so taht seems to be the problem, right? But why would using evernote depend on my IE version? Edit: the newest version of EN4 fixed my problems
  11. I have the same problem except for INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT error. Please provide assistance. Here is the activity log:
  12. Hi, Could this script be changed so that it would add either "Spotlight comments" or OpenMeta tags as tag information into the new note? Or if possible both I'd prefer OpenMeta anyway, because it's a real tagging environment that is included with the files and not in the .DS_Store....
  13. Hi, I tried to use the search but didn't come up with anything relating to this idea. The thing that I have been missing in my usage of EN isa simple tag manager. Preferably a separate window with a search bar and a cloud of the most used tags or most recent used tags. And when typing in the search field it would update the list to the tags that were a close match to the search. I miss this feature, because I have loads of different tags and sometimes I only remember a note by something that is not included in the note or in the tags. But I can remember what the tags were about and it's just too difficult to scroll through all tags in the little list.
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