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  1. Never mind. I found it. 3 little dots upper right
  2. When I create a new note on my iPhone in 11.0.1, there is no click face to click on to designate it as a reminder. What has happened? I need my reminders.
  3. I love evernote. It's a perfect system for me. HOWEVER: HELP! The other day I went to the L.A. Office of Finance to clarify a situation. I had all my receipts (proof of payment) in Evernote on the laptop I brought with me. I showed the receipts to the clerk. She said, "I need copies." I tried to send her copies, but they were in Evernote format She said, "I HATE Evernote. Dumped it long ago." I figured out a workaround. I hit "print", chose PDF, chose save as PDF. A PDF was saved to my desktop. I atttached it to an email which I sent to the clerk. If I'd only had my phone with me, there was no way I could have done this. But it SHOULD have been possible. There's GOTTA be a better way. (I just downloaded an app called export note. It only does giant batch exports.)
  4. Am I missing something? I must be. Whenever I want to export a note I've saved to evernote for any reason, I'm offered very limited options. If I want to email it to someone, I have to do that WITHIN Evernote when I'd rather do it within my mail program. What I wind up doing is taking a screenshot of my evernote note and putting that in an email. Or I email it to myself and save the attachment and then put that into an email. Is there any other way to save an Evernote note I've created?
  5. I accidentally implemented a useless software package called ANote which would automatically send my notes created within the app to Evernote. ANote planted dozens of notebooks in my Evernote file. Since I can find no way of deleting them en masse, I've been selecting each one selecting "delete" selecting "delete" in Evernote's popup screen (in which the default is "cancel") for each one. I'm really getting tired of doing this. I feel really dumb for having done that to my precious Evernote to begin with. Is there anyway of selecting and deleting a batch of notebooks????? P.S. Most of those notes inside the notebooks were thoughtfully provided by the creators of the app.
  6. Cancels shutdown. I'm on a mac running 10.6.5 and latest version of Evernote. When it cancels shutdown, I try quitting it from the dock. Nope. Then I try opening it and quitting it from the app. Nope. Must force quit every time. :?
  7. I'm on a mac running 10.6.3 When I try to make a clip of an email and select "window" (click in the window) or "rectangle" (select a rectangle) I get a blank note. When I select "clip full screen," it works, but because I have two screens, the email I need to save shows up too small. Isn't there a way to select just a portion?
  8. I've found the bug. It's the "stay signed in" box. If I don't check it and sign in manually each time, I have no problem with Evernote. I've discovered that I use evernote so many times each day! This has been a five day nightmare. Awful to have to rely on one app so much. Thank goodness it's accessible online.
  9. Frown all you want. Trash prefs only works one time. Restart Evernote, must force quit and trash prefs again. EVERY TIME.
  10. This is driving me craaaaazy. I get a continuous loop of... invalid user name and password. I'm on an intel mac running 10.6.3 The Evernote folks suggested I upgrade to 1.9.0 I did. It didn't help. If I TRASH THE PREFERENCES and restart Evernote, all goes well. But when I quit evernote and start it up again. SAME PROBLEM. It works online, but I NEED it on my desktop.
  11. Trashed all my prefs. Reset my password. All okay now.
  12. No problem getting in online, but my desktop version (1.8.2 ) just gives me the attached message about how my username or password are wrong. And it offers me no opportunity to fix it. I click okay and the same message comes up again and again and again and again, and I finally have to force quit. I'm on an intel mac running OS 10.6.3 I upgraded to 1.8.2 because I was unable to view any evernote saves in any app but evernote. I was told I could email pdfs, etc. with this version.
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