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  1. Ok, it looks like what I'm looking for is available as part of how you send an email. Here's the email response I receive the first time I used it....very nice. "Congrats! You've just emailed a note to your Evernote account. Did you know that you can send it to to a specific notebook and assign tags to it? Here's how: 1. Select a destination notebook for your email by adding @[notebook name] to the end of the subject line. 2. Add tags to your note by typing #[tag name] at the end of the subject line. This feature works with existing tags in your account. 3. To designate a destination notebook
  2. I too would like to see this feature added. It will eliminate a second step of having to move new notes sent to the default folder via email to their proper location. Thanks
  3. Same problem here on not only the iPad but my MacBook Pro...only when I'm on my corporate network that uses a proxy. thanks
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