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  1. I was having the same problem using a dev version of Chrome (version 19.x) on Fedora. Reinstalling the clipper helped for a while but then the clipper failed again. I am back on the stable version (v17.x) now and the clipper is working. I have no idea if this is a Chrome problem or a harbinger of future compatibility issues.
  2. I use the web clipper bookmarklet. I put it in my Chrome bookmarks and synch them to my Android browser. open the bookmarks while the page to be clipped is in there mobile browser and select the clipper bookmark. Sent from my Xoom using Tapatalk
  3. The clipper applet works perfectly on my Xoom. I just pull up the bookmarks while the page to be clipped is in the browser and select the clipper bookmark. This requires you have the applet in your Chrome bookmarks and Chrome is synced with the tablet browser. Sent from my Xoom using Tapatalk
  4. I have had very good with handwriting recognition in Evernote. I've taken pictures of notebook pages filled with meeting notes as well as all the scraps of paper my wife has stuck to the refrigerator and get at least 80% recognition. When I am more careful to write neatly it is more like 90+%. That has been with a variety of paper and pens. One thing that seems to help is to make sure your loops are clearly written so that they are easy for the software to distinguish from solid lines. My handwriting is a mix of cursive and print characters so that may give me an advantage. I also use fountain pens which lay down nice clear lines but, as I mentioned, I've had good results a variety of writing from various people.
  5. Its a decent tablet, but I'm annoyed by the fact that power button is on the back of the unit. I like the placement of the power button. The only thing about the physical design that has bothered me is the uneven weight distribution that makes it balance less that perfectly in my hands. This looks like an example of why the Android tablet market could eventually be bigger than the iPad. There are enough different designs showing up that everyone should be able to find one that fits just right.
  6. I have a Xoom. And regardless of what all the Apple fanboys in the press think, it is a very nice tablet. With a native Evernote it will be even better.
  7. I really like the auto-capitalization in note titles. However, it does seem like the sort of feature that the user should be able to toggle on/off in settings.
  8. I'd like to second that request. Until I got my Xoom I never saw much use for ink notes, now I wish for them regularly.
  9. it doesn't work consistently on mobile due to the constrained screen size. We've got some plans to re-write it as a one-click action for mobile but we decided release 3.0 and put the functionality in a later release. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the web clipper works nicely on my Xoom browser. The large screen makes it work just like on the desktop. The current Android version is much nicer on the big Xoom screen but I am anxiously awaiting a real Honeycomb version of Evernote.
  10. Just to add a little more certainty to Dave's "this should work". I always have Evernote running on two or more computers at the same time without trouble. Currently I have the 3.1 (Windows) client running on my work laptop, 3.5 on my work desktop and Windows 3.5 running in a VirtualBox session under Linux. I often have 3.1 running under Wine and it is very common to have one or browsers on the various computers connected to the web site. One time I did manage to edit the same note on a second computer before the first sync'd. I don't remember the exact behaviour but I didn't lose any data.
  11. How about an option to pay a few dollars to bump the limit for the month?
  12. I agree with the list of suggestions for improving appearance but my biggest need is local storage on my Droid. Pretty is great but given realistic resource limitations features are better.
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