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  1. I have exactly the same problem. It is frustrating that I can not see my notebooks even on the left side bar. The main function of Evernote is to be organized and more productive workflow. But without notebook display how we can be productive or organized? I am a premium user and paying for Evernote but Evernote is getting worse than before in everyday. Previous windows app, 6.25 version is quite impressive and working very good. Why they made it worse than before, still can not understand. We are not beta users, it is a public release and notebooks are the main function of Evernote. OMG, it is unbelievable. It is same in IOS version as well.
  2. Many of Times I use Pocket as a temporary station app to send the articles or web clipping to Evernote in my android device. In my iPad tablet, there is a shortcut in IOS system that “share the article to EN” , This is working perfectly at iPad at IOS system. However I can not say the same for Android mobile phone. Many times I tried and compare the EN & Pocket, pocket is much more successful for mobile clipping then EN. Of course EN windows chrome extension is working fine, but EN needs to update the application at Android for mobile clipping because it is not working properly. Please try to clip in android as close as Pocket in mobile clipping because this app is doing great work in mobile. Then I will not use anymore pocket as a temporary station to save the article at EN.
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