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  1. Here are two things we are missing and it has been rampant in this thread... When was the last time a developer was allowed to make a decision of this magnitude? These are the guys in the engine room shoveling coal. Did they cause the Titanic to hit that iceberg? No. It was the idiot who worked for the company. See, developers would actually listen to people. EN the corporation had a new field to plow and decided they needed to make way. I applaud the developers and all they do. Find the moron who was after the new revenue stream and you've found the bad guy. Who in God's name ever made such a major change in usability with an unassuming poll? EN phones home to do its thing. It's cloud-based. The folks at EN know exactly what their user-base is. How many votes were actually cast, that EN then chose to use as a basis this pathetic, don't vote don't complain defense? .05%? Really. Every other company on the globe asks you if it's ok to collect usage data to "improve" the product. Why isn't EN? If EN did I'd bet you'd learn that there is an 80/20 rule happening here. 80% of users chose the horizontal view. Of those, a fraction are in this thread generating 80% of the anger in the forum.Furthermore, Microsoft doesn't want to get rid of the Metro interface because they need to grease the skids to get people to learn THEIR interface on THEIR portable devices. They've already lost the portable war and are trying to come back from the dead. That is their ULTERIOR motive. That is why we are being bludgeoned with something we don't want. That is why the entire PC industry is in a free-fall at a time they can least afford. Don't be surprised if Windows Blue doesn't bring back the start button. Does EN have an ULTERIOR motive for this change? If they don't bring back the horizontal view, you can bet there is one, that we are the convenient and contrived patsy, and the motive will reveal itself in time.
  2. Why should I have to speak up and complain that you want to remove a feature to stop the process? I pay for a feature that I would assume you would not in your right mind remove. I don't need reminders. I use "The Hit List" for that. I pay good money to them and am pleased to inform you they don't remove features. They have a clue about customer satisfaction. Do what you will with reminders. It means nothing to me. Bring back horizontal list view!!! Also, I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Evernote team began as an online document imaging company who essentially fell in a mud-puddle and came out with a gold watch. So, aren't all of us note-takers, and anyone not using the product for that original intent, using the product in a non-standard way? Just saying.
  3. i cannot believe that i am here, complaining about this!!! the evernote folks have nothing short of gaul removing the horizontal view. what is there now sucks. i don't even want to use it, and any work-around is nothing more than that. on the other hand i'm not surprised. the folks at evernote do what the want and don't listen often. i've monitored this in the past. whether it be fanboys or employees, you are handed a positively worded NO to your requests, and all is forgotten, as if we don't notice they've said no. this is an un-accomodating group who cares mostly about how they want the product to be used, and little about how it actually is. they are ripe for competition. listen for a change people and fix this!!!
  4. Yes I have tried. There are a few problems... [*:2q6b8ca7]Autoload. You already mentioned it. Autoload is critical. [*:2q6b8ca7]The additional criteria is not working. For point #2 here are the details... [*:2q6b8ca7]I can't save the search. To employ my 80/20 rule, or what I've been referring to as 90/10, I want to exclude two notebooks as my search fragment. So I try to entrer the following sytax to save, -notebook:"journal" -notebook:"technotes". EN won't let me save it unless I add a search term, which defeats the purpose since I want this search fragment to be applied to every search I enter. [*:2q6b8ca7]Notebook exclusion does not appear to work. Even though I am using the dash '-' a search for a term I know exists within the 'journal' notebook still returns results from that notebook. The syntax I entered above should not allow those results through. In fact the first notebook mentioned in the fragment shown above is always selected rather than all mentioned being excluded. [*:2q6b8ca7]I am using EN 2.0.116546 on the Mac.
  5. What about this then... As mentioned previously I am aware of the power of the search syntax. I would need to go past 'saved search', though, to something like a 'saved search profile' or 'search template'. To me a profile is a search fragment in proper syntax that would be appended to whatever your type in the search box. In this way I could set a profile (i.e. -tag:technote -notebook:journal) and only have to type in the phrases I am looking for. The big thing would be for me to apply a specific profile as the default when the tool opens. In this way a mask would be set until I want to open up access to all the content. On any given day I save quite a bit of information. But for 90% of my searches I only want to see 10% of the data. I want to have the 'filters' set from the moment the program opens.
  6. Considering the popularity of the product, its adoption rate, and the new ways people are finding to use it, I expect the list of those whose stuff is hitting "critical mass" to grow in kind. The implementation of such a request may be sound involved for good reason, but that shouldn't be confused with the want. It's simple -> Just because you want to store things doesn't mean you want it all indexed. Too many answers make a product as impotent as too few. patrick
  7. Quite the contrary. I understand all too well how simple and straightforward this is. I am trying to solve the complications involved in extensive and heavy use of the product, without the proliferation of a huge tag list. In addition I have been quite closely involved in the design and implementation of one of the top 50 (most heavily traffic'd) search sites on the internet., nearly from scratch; taxonomy included. I understand search power, and certainly beyond what is here. I also understand the complexities of volume though. Sometimes you want things off the grid. It's that simple.
  8. This request, probably it's more than one, surrounds the use of indexing and how to reduce the amount of "noise" that accumulates over time with a system such as Evernote. The request aids and enhances the filtering of search results. I want to begin by saying that I love and live by this product. It is because of how essential the product is to me that I believe some features should be added. And it is because of the diverse ways in which i use the product that I feel such changes are critical. i touch upon a fraction of the THE REQUEST(S): [*:21sx6o4b]allow indexing to be tuned per-notebook and/or per-entry, from here forth referred to as per-scope. [*:21sx6o4b]indexing has a mode applied to the scope: either on, off, or header-only. [*:21sx6o4b]scopes are hierarchal and can be inherited. [*:21sx6o4b]custom stop-words are allowed to be added, or ignored globally or per-scope. by ignore i mean you can explicitly exclude a stop-word defined in a parent scope. [*:21sx6o4b]indexing settings: mode, stop-words, etc. can be saved as a configuration to be applied to other scopes (another notebook or entry) with ease. we'll call these index profiles. [*:21sx6o4b]index profiles can be imported/exported for use by others. [*:21sx6o4b]changing a profile on a scope causes a reindex of that scope, and possibly the immediate super-scope, depending on how you have implemented the code. [*:21sx6o4b]allow the option to store the index of a notebook separate from others and provide the user the option to choose the alternate index when searching. THE REASONS: [*:21sx6o4b]one of my uses for this product is a journal. another is to store research notes and steps i used to solve problems. i refer to the latter as tracelogs. often i have to sit with a client to go through efforts and searches on topics turn up journal entries, results that i don't want turning up in front of the client. [*:21sx6o4b]i'd like to use this tool as a primitive diary and again don't want the content to necessarily turn up so easily, though the content doesn't warrant encryption either. [*:21sx6o4b]often in my tracelogs i copy and paste dumps from computer logs and other sources. it leads to a lot of noise coming back on certain search words. god help me if i was researching what windows to buy to replace certain ones in my house. i'll get back every entry i made fighting every issue M$ Windows throws at you. [*:21sx6o4b]tagging can help, but can't cover it all. thanks. patrick
  9. I am incredulously stupefied that a) shared notebooks are not in the client apps and The folks at evernote have been sitting on this for at least 7 months. WT# I purchased two premium subscriptions for the SOLE PURPOSE of getting a shared notebook with my wife. Neither of us come anywhere near any other requirement that necessitates the premium service. And to think I was feeling bad I used the service for some time as a free user. Now I feel so ripped off I want to cancel. I am a developer. I have written software that synchronizes across multiple systems. Big deal. Just get it done. It should be top priority. For the past six months you have pushed out at least a half dozen changes that appear to be little nitty bug fixes that have had no impact on usability or productivity. The Mac and the PC versions still are nothing alike and now I learn about this sharing breakdown. Who is prioritizing and what?
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