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  1. wow! I just got top list back to learn the complete train wreck the new Evernote is. Since day one we have used our own fonts and have weighed whether or not to completely lambaste the company for their lack of support for a true style sheet, as in you define styles that are referenced many times. Style, as in Microsoft Word and Adobe FrameMaker. Not the paltry watered down html-editor garbage we've had to swallow since the rise of script kiddies. And this refuse goes completely the opposite way, stripping us of the inadequacy that existed (the Windows product was even worse) and replacing it with something completely useless. This is now like some open source Linux project written by a kid in college 10 years ago. I have stayed with Evernote for years because the alternatives are not much better than that open source Linux project written by some kid in college. Well in one swoop they leveled the playing field, only in the wrong direction. As much as I hate markdown, Joplin was just promoted to equal in ability. Wait, no. Joplin didn't change. No promotion. Do these people understand their market, or the potential market? What Evernote's success is, is they made the file system opaque, irrelevant. With the cloud back-end, where we save things is no longer a consideration. What folder was that in? Who cares! When we organize our sh-stuff we can organize by notebooks, categories, and tags. It's all in one place to search and view. We need go no further. This was Bill Gates' dream of the Cairo file system that never happened. What should sit on top is a flexible and robust tool with a full offering word processor. It should be the heaping, steaming pile of nothing that was just released for simple needs, all the way up to the power of Word or beyond. I mentioned FrameMaker not because people do super long documents with Evernote. I mention it because the value (or chaos) from the sum of all the documents you create with this tool demands consistency of a highly structured and robust tool like FrameMaker. This is a boat long missed, for sure.
  2. i will believe it when the feature is actually back. someone (or group) inside evernote who i hope no longer works there removed top view years ago only to bring it back when the outcry was so large it could not be ignored. this could be a test to see how many people complain.
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