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  1. I was looking at the functionality of the Trash Notebook. It has some traits that are complementary to an Archive Notebook. With the following enhancements it could be implemented with a beta status with additional functionality added later: 1. Add a button and shortcut to allow the customer to archive messages or include the Archive folder to the list of Move to Notebook in the multiple Note Selected pane. 2. Maintain Tag(s) when moving to Archive. 3. Provide a Restore Note button in Archived notes as is available in the Trash folder. 4. Allow the entire Archive notebook to be searched (very limited search functionality available in Trash). From a business development point of view I would recommend limiting the number of notes that can be archived for free accounts but include "unlimited archive" to Premium users. I would be pleased to provide additional details. There is other functionality that would add value but that could be for another thread.
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