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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. The right button save as is a big help in the short term but I won't be able to substitute Devonthink with Evernote until drag and drop PDF management becomes a feature. Thanks again for the help. Cheers NJH
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I actually saw that thread on the forum earlier but could't quite believe that what I was reading was accurate and up to date, despite appearances. I am finding it very hard to believe that in 2010, using the latest version of OSX, a piece of otherwise potentially exccellent productivity software is lacking such a basic feature as dragging out of PDF's etc. Does anyone know if there is firm plan / date for this "feature" to be added to Evernote as I won't be able to adopt it until I can drag files out that I have put in. Which is a shame. Cheers NJH
  3. Hi Guys, I've just discovered Evernote and I was getting really excited about the possibilities for improving the organisation of my business information but I seem to have hit a MAJOR WORKFLOW PROBLEM and I hope I am missing something regarding the ability to easily get standard files (PDF, JPEG etc) out of Evernote on the mac. I don't seem to be able to simply drag a file I put into Evernote, out of Evernote - be that onto my desktop or into another piece of software, such as mail. Surely, I am missing something blindingly simple, and this is not the case? My current set up revolves around Devonthink Pro Office, a Scansnap S510m and Daylite Productivity suite, which works really well but I saw major bonus in using Evernote in-liue of Devonthink due to its online storage of the information put within it (in my case, scanned documents) which I can then easily access from my laptop and iphone when I'm out of the office. That appears to work as I would like it (at least as far as looking at my information is concerned), however, if I simply want to drag a PDF out of Evernote (put in there by the scansnap for example) I don't seem to be able to do it without some sort of "export to complicated file type followed by find the file within the new directory created" headache. Again, surely I am doing something wrong and this is not the case is it? Devonthink allows me to drag files about how and where I like and other than the lack of online database accessibility works pretty well. I know that Evernote has the ability to email documents etc from within but that doesn't fit in with my Daylite usage which records and files all of my emails via apple mail. For me, I need to be able to scan or print documents into Evernote and then drag the scans / prints out again directly into mail to ensure I have a database of all of my incoming and outgoing messages. I was just about to sign up for a premium account when I found this apparent workflow problem. Can anyone out there help? Thanks in advance. njh
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