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  1. I guess I must be doing something wrong then... I have the problem when pasting from something like notepad, or even going to edit an existing note, that I get formatting applied... different font sizes, different fonts, etc... No chance to get an option to "Save all notes as plain text" unless you explicitly specify otherwise...? JH
  2. Any chance there will ever be an option to -completely- turn off formatting for notes...? I have no use whatsoever for formatting notes, and wish there could be a default to turn it off... Thanks, JH
  3. Starting by saying I couldn't live without Evernote, there is only one thing (other than fixing the line break bug...) that would make it even better... I -never- save notes with formatting... having an option on the application level to save ONLY AS TEXT would be a great feature... or even on the note level... that way, I don't have to fuss around with pasting a special way, or worrying about fonts and hyperlinks that get pasted in... Does anyone else think this would be a good feature...? I use it to store text notes... and don't want any formatting... Thanks, JH
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