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  1. I faced a similar situation today for the first time since I installed Evernote 10. It wasn`t affecting only opening a note in a new window, but all notes wouldn`t be able to refresh its content. Restarting evernote client hasn`t resolved the situation, instead I went to the task manager to stop any evernote task running and my problem got resolved. I`ll try to pay more attention about what leads to this, or what else could be attempt to resolve the situation.
  2. @JNester You must first create the empty note and them you will see the option to change its content to use a template. Once the empty note is created, you should be able to see the following as its content: When you click on the option, you will be redirected to the Template page to see standard templates as well as your personal ones: If you don't get such options, then it is definitively a bug that you are facing.
  3. One of the feature that I use frequently in the legacy version of Evernote is the possibility to generate a "windows" URL for my note, which allow me to paste such URL inside of another application and to refer to my Evernote note directly from it. Normally the Windows URL is generated by holding the <CTRL> key while selecting the menu note->"Copy Internal Link". It would generate an URL that look like: "evernote:///view/1872691/s16/a2631600-82ad-9d3a-b8f0-edc4c2cd2c29/a2431600-82ad-9d3a-b8f0-ebc4c2cd2c44/" while if we don't hold the <CTRL> the URL would look like "https://www.evernote.com/shard/s16/nl/187..." It's a powerful option for those using it.
  4. I think this would occurs when EV is syncing the notes, can you confirm? One way to prevent this would then be to deactivate the instant sync and/or increase the elapse time between each full synch.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. When the problem occurs, it will regardless if I am still in the note of not. I have tried in the past restarting Restarting EN and that didn't resolve the problem. The problem is resolved by itself then will reappear again for a little while..
  6. On my side the "Instant Sync" is not reliable anymore and seems to rarely work as expected, i.e. as before the update. For instance, the below screenshot show that my note was not synced after 2 minutes and monitoring the situation I saw it being synced at the 5th minutes, i.e. when everything is sync again. Anyone faced this situation and found a way to restore the expected behavior ?
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