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  1. As I mentioned earlier, i like learning from others, so I'm offering up my thought process on your above structure as "food for thought." Maybe there are filing requirements that I'm missing. I just started going paperless and scanning all my statements a little while ago, so I haven't had a lot of time to "test" my thinking. But this is what I was planning to do for MYSELF as it relates to your above scenario (Since I also have BofA, Citibank, credit cards, etc. One STACK for Finance. Under this would be Notebooks for Bills, Statements, Tax Returns or whatever. But within the Statements Notebook, I would put all of the notes that would've been in all of your folders you outlined above. Some would get a 'Citi' tag, some a 'BOA' tag, some a 'Visa' tag, some a 'M/C' tag. If I wanted easy filtering by year, I might also tag them all '2011' and then '2012' when it gets here. So if I'm looking for a visa statement, I can easily click "Statements" folder and then drill down by selecting 'Visa' tag and maybe the year I care about. From a filing standpoint it just seems so much more efficient to dump them all into Statements.
  2. SamIAm - thanks for the reply regarding gmail. I did not think about their implementation of labels vs Evernote's tags. I agree that Evernote could improve in their handling of tags and hope they continue development in that area. BurgersNFries - have you posted somewhere your notebook structure? I need to reorganize mine and like to see what others do for inspiration. You seem to be well organized and have obviously been usi g the system a lot more then I. Thanks.
  3. Just another perspective: on the Internet you tend to find people come and gripe with problems or dislikes. What you don't see is the thousands of users NOT here because they are completely happy with the product. I'm not an evangelist and I'm not here to tell you your way of thinking is wrong. BUT I happen to like the stacks implementation JUST FINE. So I want it to stay the way it is. So now tell me - who should Evernote listen to - you or me? No product can please all the people all the time. Nor should any product try to be all things to all people.
  4. I agree on a couple things: - the need for better documentation. I was hoping with the hiring of Mr. Essentials we would've seen an announcement that better documentation is in the works - nesting or better organization of tags Regarding your issue with folders - it strikes me as similar to the paradigm shift of moving from Outlook email to Gmail with labels instead of folders. I would suggest some googling on how to best take advantage of Gmail Labels. They act the same as tags and you might "see the light.". As for your specific example, I tag my bank statements with "boa" and "statement". With the nice OCR (or even decent note titles on my part) I can easily find any bank statement I need without having to worry about sticking them in the right folder. It takes some practice, but after using gmail labels for a while, I now love the flexibility of tags vs the rigidness and single-threaded nature of folders. Good luck.
  5. Any updates here??? Comments from Mr. Evernote Essentials Author?
  6. True. To me, Private Messaging is a privilege, so I don't think it would be a big deal to make the minimum 25 or 50 if they wanted to do that. I have some pretty good mods that are "ever present" it seems, so our spammers never get up to 10 without being stifled.
  7. I run a fitness forum and had to deal with this issue. Most of the time, these are hit and run spammers who never take time to post on the forums. So I simply required a minimum of 10 posts before a user account was allowed to send a PM. Occasionally the spammers would then try to create 10 bogus posts to do that, but that gave us enough time for the Mods to catch them and ban them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Great answer. Exactly what I was going to recommend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Very cool. Works great for me! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Got it. That's where my head is currently. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Good to hear. I haven't been able to post since yesterday afternoon...
  12. Ahh - I was clicking on the toolbar area of the note and it wasn't working. When I went to the actual title of the note in the LIST, and double-clicked, it worked!! Thank you!! Dumb me.
  13. FWIW - since I'm always on the look out to learn more about how to leverage various technologies (specifically cloud-based solutions), I am interested in the answer to this as well. And it seems like a natural first step of "letting the question play out". Many times people ask for a specific solution, when it's better to start with the problem they are trying to solve. So OP - what is the problem you are trying to solve?
  14. Occasionally I take meeting notes while projected for my team to see. I'd like a view that shows ONLY the note that I'm editing so that the team can't see all my notebooks and tags on the left sidebar or the toolbar up top. Is this view possible? If so, how?
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