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  1. I guess that you need to connect VPN first then to login to evernote. Maybe it works like data clearance on the browser, when you need to login again when everything changes to a "blank page". Or there is something wrong with your vpn provider and you need to search for a good alternative that will support the system. If you don't know where to find a good VPN provider, I can suggest you to search it here https://www.vpntesting.com/reviews/protonvpn. Usually their products are very good, moreover they have ratings and reviews of each.
  2. This is really weird. Why is it happening to me again and again? Maybe there is something wrong with Facebook? It has become so slow, looks like it looses popularity and power. By the way, I connected Instagram to Evernote. I was super easy, because it requires 0 coding experience, so now I can send info between these to apps without any issues or bugs. Also, evernote imports automatically images, and that's extremely convenient for me. Additionally, here https://igautolike.com/product/instagram-auto-comments/ , you can find more interesting tools. Check them out. For this reason, I think, Facebook will remain in the past, with all its lags and problems.
  3. There are a lot of beautiful and well worked website on the internet, but if I had to chose the style of my website, I would chose the the evernote style, they always new how to make simple and beautiful. Moreover, the colours are chosen perfectly and this green is making everything clear, nothing is harmful, it is easy and comfortable to use, the perfect website and webdesigners. They know how to take care of visitors and I would like to promote them with https://crowdo.net/blog/crowd-marketing/, they realy deserve it.
  4. This time is coming closer and closer. I will miss paper because you put effort in every letter and soon AI will use grammar correction and people only will need to think about something and it will appear on screen. When AI tech will be connected to brain (something like Elon Musk wants to do with music) That's why I run now from all of this terminator stuff to a country where culture and freedom is at hand. Where money is not first thing to achieve in life but spiritual growth. Many other have different views and experience. I was once there long ago, and I liked so much I decided this year to purchase land property via https://hrex.org/bhoomi-rtc-karnataka as they have full right to do so, and have all the information in a form of a map with all villages and acres with prices in it. There are additional photos and supplementary information regarding the environment for those who are new to this beautiful country.
  5. It's kind of weird, but maybe it's just because I've never done it before
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