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  1. I believe mine did this as well. I haven't used Evernote on my phone that much lately, but last week, I was at about 70% battery and I took a picture to upload and my phone died about 25 minutes later, with Evernote as the second battery user (under display). When I tried to do the same today, it locked my phone up and I had to do a battery pull, then I opened Evernote again just to see if the note was still pending and it did it again. I have never had these kind of issues in the past, only these two times, which I believe are the only 2 times I have used Evernote on my phone since the last update.
  2. I think if you go to s.evernote.com/androidbeta on your phone, you can manually download the app if it isn't available on your Market.
  3. Also check out the quote from this post on the Evernote blog.
  4. I don't know how many of you read the blog, but check out the quote from this post.
  5. They used to have that feature, but it did not work properly. I believe engberg has indicated that they took it out to re-tool it so it will work properly when they put it back in.
  6. You can edit notes as long as they are very basic (really no special formatting applied, such as checkboxes and such). If there is special formatting, you will be able to append text to the note, but you can't edit it on your device.
  7. Dave, I was the other user that had this happen. I have had it happen one other time (after the last time), but then I did it again and it worked fine the next try. It seems to be an intermittent issue.
  8. As a suggestion, you could do this in "Ink" note, if you were willing to draw it. I don't think this is on all platforms yet, but I think it is probably coming.
  9. @charjo Why do you have to go through all that? There is a search bar right on the home screen of the app.
  10. I rebooted my phone again, and now the snapshot seems to be working. I'll post if I have the issue again.
  11. engberg, I think you probably have this now, since I sent my logs, but I am using ver. 1.4B4 (84235). I am running Android 2.1 update 1 stock on a Motorola Droid.
  12. Another issue (I'm just reporting these, not sure if you guys are aware or not). On my Droid, I press the Snapshot button, it goes into the camera and I am able to take a picture. When the picture is taken, I get the Cancel, Retake, Done buttons on the right hand side. When I press the Done button, it tries to go into the note creation screen (I think), then pops back to the Evernote home screen and errors with "No snapshot found to upload". If I take the picture with the camera, then click Share and share it to Evernote, it works fine.
  13. I installed the beta and I am now able to open notes. Also, I noticed I can now check off to-do items, as well, which is awesome. One issue with to-do items, though. When I open a to-do list in the Android client, all of the items are checked. Even if I uncheck them and leave the note then go back in, all of the check boxes are still checked.
  14. I apologize if I offended. I use the word "ignorant" in the true sense of "without knowledge of said subject", not in a sense meant to call somebody stupid. Ignorance is not a bad thing, nobody knows everything, I am ignorant in a lot of different areas. As for sticking up for Evernote, I am as frustrated as anyone else that it doesn't work on my Droid, but the issue is one that wasn't expected, and making large scale fixes like that (like rewriting an XML parsing engine that drives most of what Evernote does in functionality) is not a 24 hour fix. Yes, it has been some time, but other issues have cropped up and they are dealing with them. I have faith that development is ongoing. In my opinion, it is a big deal, but I can work around it for a while. If that's not possible for you, than I would find a tool that works. I prefer Evernote not just because it is on my phone, but also on the other platforms I use. Again, I apologize if I offended anyone.
  15. @ubik I think engberg finished the point I was trying to make. It's not just the platforms that are different, but the entire development environment Objective-C and Java (as well as the APIs in Android and iPhone OS) are very different, you can't just swap engineers around.
  16. @icantremember Yes, there was an update to the iXXXXX version of the apps today. How is this relevant to the Android app? I am not happy about this issue either (the "can't open notes on Android after editing on Mac issue", to be exact), it makes it much more difficult to use. It is one of the big reasons I haven't invested in a Pro subscription yet. Unfortunately, it happened, and the issue was unexpected and much larger than they initially thought. On the subject of the iApps vs. the Android app, though, these are two separate development teams. The updates for the iApps doesn't mean that they aren't working on the Android app, as they are different groups of people. I'm not sure if it is just not knowing how app development works, or a willful ignorance of some on this board, but the people who are updating the iApps are NOT the same as developer doing the Android app, and I believe this has even been posted by engberg in the past.
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