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  1. Just noticed this morning (6/14) that my usual process of copying an image from Google Photos results in a broke image icon on Evernote. Repro steps on Win 10 using Chrome: Open Evernote client on Desktop Open Google Photos on Chrome Select image, use right button on mouse to copy image Switch to Evernote and paste image Instead of seeing a copy of the photo, a broken image link appears in Evernote Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks
  2. Noticed this issue pop up last week where notes appear to be magnified (zoomed in). The usual controls for adjusting magnification do not work, and I'm unable to move the cursor using the mouse. I am able to use the keyboard to move the cursor down the page. However, the view is stuck on the magnified view and won't scroll down to show the lower part of the notes. This results in being unable to see large portions of the notes and requires me to "work blind" by typing into the note without being able to see what I've written, then using the keyboard controls to move the cursor down to see the new text. Current ver: (308919) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)
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