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  1. And me! Just want you to know that your idea is a gift that keeps on giving. Thanks, csihilling!
  2. I see no "Preferences" on the Evernote Desktop Windows menu, nor under the Tools choice on the menu, nor anywhere on the online Evernote. I don't see any any "Formatting" choice on any menu. Are you sure you're talking about Evernote?
  3. I also want to support keisoko. I found this thread because I was moved this morning to search for a solution to the "new feature" that is actually a "real problem". It's a bug, not a feature, and I don't want to have to take extra steps to stop Evernote from dictating to me how I set up a numbered list in a note. Please fix.
  4. I have a workaround that may help some of you. I do a lot of writing using Evernote where italics and boldfacing is used. When I cut and paste into WordPerfect (or, Notepad, Wordpad, or, presumably MS Word), all the italics and boldfacings are lost. It takes a lot of time to go back in WordPerfect and add the modifications back to the typefaces where needed. However, I've noticed that cutting and pasting into Google Docs retains the formatting, at least italics and boldfacing. From that point there are lots of possibilities for manipulating the text, and I've found that cutting and pasting into Google Docs solves my particular problem. FYI for everyone.
  5. Okay! Here it is in late November. Did the project ever get done? I ask cause I'd like to synchronize my Google contacts with Evernote. Why? I like the idea of having all my contacts backed up on all my different computers, and I find Evernote easier to search and work with on my Sprint Android phone. For the time being, at least. Does anyone else here back up their Google contacts in Evernote? And if so, how?
  6. I expect I will have an awfully large database eventually, like BurgersNFries below. However, I'm finding that my searches, especially global searches, are seriously slow sometimes. Like in excess of 10 seconds (and I have only about 1700 notes in my 3.5 EN). Given that it takes so long sometimes, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be a help to have some kind of "completion bar" or hourglass or something to tell the user that EverNote is still conducting a search or otherwise working. Or, it could be that there's something wrong with the way I've got my program set up. Advice, either way? ---Tim C.
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