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  1. Hi. I have been using EN since many years ago. For some reason that I cannot explain I just _feel_ that using EN has become more cumbersome. The features are there but it does not flow smoothly as it was in the past. I don't know why... maybe is the "new EN". It looks nice but it does not do the job as before. For eg., features that are the essence of EN are very frustrating to use. Adding (or worst) deleting tags on the mobile app is a pain. Any thoughts?
  2. When I share content into EN, I can't change the notebook into which the shared content is saved. I have to save the note in whatever notebook EN suggested, then open the note again and change the notebook manually again.
  3. Evernote 10 is terrible, I am reverting to the previous version!!! No import folders (essential), no local folders, what they were thinking about?
  4. I totally agree. PDF annotation on Evernote is horrible. It is useless!! I did my best to keep my annotation workflow in evernote but it is a p****! I can't believe such a basic productivity feature is so bad in Evernote. As a Windows user I switched to XODO for annotation and it works marvelous. Now I only use Evernote as a file repository...
  5. I find the process of recurring tagging too time consuming. Very often I have to apply the same set of tags to a related notes (eg., when I create a note related to the same project I need to add similar tags such as the year, project name, etc.) I believe the following features will greatly simplified the process: 1) Introduction of a automatic tagging based on user-defined filters (such as Gmail does). Eg. whenever a note is created, a tag with the current year or month is added, or whenever a note has certain word in the title a tag is added 2) "tag templates". For example, being able to copy and paste a group of tags to another note.
  6. I used Evernote heavily for many years at the very beginning of the app, then I stopped and now I switch back again basically for study note taking. I must say that I am very disappointed with the PDF annotation capabilities. Being familiar with iAnnotate, Evernote's annotation is terrible. Even simple things like highlighting text looks awful. Side text comments also look terrible, they might be ok for casual annotation but don't expect writing even a short paragraph as side comment. I really believe that Evernote's team should work to vastly improve annotation capabilities, they are barely useless.
  7. I use Evernote for Windows but also totally agree with the comment. Adding side comments to notes is an essential feature, I find adding comments as normal text quite frustrating. Is there any place to send request for future features directly to Evernote?
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