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  1. Agreed, I will be replacing my ipad with a windows tablet as soon as one is available with a stylus. Unfortunately that will probably mean that I'll end up using one note instead as well. I'm quite disappointed with the ipad.
  2. I agree, and the ability to create templates to ink on would be excellent.
  3. Ok, my iPad is still on order so cant speak from experience but from what I've read and how I imagine it working this is what I'd like to see in Evernote on the iPad. - Stylus support - its a no brainer. - I'd like to be able to create a template of a document (not sure if this can be done now) and be able to open that template in any file format (pdf typically) and use the stylus to complete it and or sign it. Then sync it back to the office for my assistant to process. The reason I'd like to see these things is that I'd like to create a notebook for each client I'd be seeing in a day with all the forms etc that they need to sign and be able to complete them on the iPad without the need for printing everything. There seems to be many great things about Evernote and these would be absolute done deal for me, I'd even be happy to pay more than the premium account for this type of function as it would save me much time and money.
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