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  1. Agreed, while I think that TSW is a great approach, it was a little too fiddly for me. Still kudos to them for getting it out there and introducing the concept of using EN for GTD to many people.
  2. To view stacks on the iphone, select the notebooks button at the bottom, the select the little "i" in the top left. Then click "Sort by stack". Then click a notebook to view - in that view, click on "View options" and select "Notebook" Because I have my tasks organized by notebooks, they then appear nicely sorted in order in evernote. Finally seeing how to do this was really the eureka moment for me. The other key part of my set up is again using the desktop app and sorting by notebook in list view. This makes it super easy to see what task are in what bucket. It's taken me quite a while to figure this out, and I've messed with other setups, but for me this way of doing things works great. I don't have a lot of projects, and at any given point in time I may have a total of 25 tasks in my system spread across the various buckets. I imagine for someone managing complex multi part projects that require delegation, then a more complex solution like omnifocus would be better. Finally, one other thing I like - sometimes I will have an action created and I get another piece of information related to that action. I either put it in the reference folders and link to the note from the task note (a Daniel Gold tip) or a I will merge the new item and the old task into one note.
  3. I've returned to evernote for my task management after spending some time using Nirvanahq.com which is a really great app, but doesn't have the EN intergration that I want. Plus I want just one solution. After looking at lots of methods and setups, I've settled on the approach that makes the most sense for me. My goal is simplicity. I don't want to have to constantly edit tags and move things around. My notebooks are as follows: @Inbox <-default @Tasks <- stack 1-Next 2-Later 3-Waiting 4-Someday Completed <- this is where completed tasks get dragged to. It is outside the @tasks stack so it doesn't show in searches. home <-- for reference work <--- for reference Tags are just my usual tags. For example "kids" "recruiting" etc. This way reference material and tasks have the same tag system Contexts are just @home @work. To me computer, phone etc contexts are pointless. Some search examples All work tasks: stack:@tasks tag:@work All home next tasks: notebook:1-next tag:@home Sorts The key to my set up is sorting. In the EN desktop app, I sort by notebook in list view. In the Mac version, notebook didn't show up until I right clicked on the sort bar and selected it. I then drag "notebook" to the left hand side so that the first thing that appears in the list view is the notebook that the task is in. By sorting on notebook I get 1-Next Task A 1-Next Task B 2-Later Task C 3-Waiting Task D If I want to see all home tasks (for example), I just click on @Tasks, and click on the @home tag, or use a saved search. etc Email I use EN email to send stuff to the Inbox, but I use the "Send and Archive" button in gmail (found in Labs) so that I just have to click once and the email is out of my inbox and on its way to EN. Sweet. Workflow I process stuff in the @inbox notebook, and assign tags. I then change the notebook to either a task notebook or a reference notebook. Stuff with due dates get a due date added to the title of the note. When a task is completed, I just drag it to the completed notebook. Iphone On the iphone, I view notebooks by stack, and I view notes by notebook, this means that the tasks are always sorted by notebook, which is my task order. Other apps I've come back to evernote for my version of GTD after a long tour of other apps. Here are my brief thoughts on some of them. Nirvanahq.com - a really nice site. Simple, quick and effective. My fave, but EN integration was limited and you couldn't tag emails sent to it. IQTELL - I messed with this for a short while. I found the interface cluttered and fussy with too many options. It was also a bit slow. Might be fine for a hard core task manager. ActiveInbox - works on gmail as an add in . Pretty simple, the "Send and Archive" button was by favorite bit - but now you can get that in gmail labs. The app crashed a lot and was rather messy at times. Omnifocus - I use both mac and a PC - I need cross platform Wunderlist - weak EN integration RTM - I hate the interface - weak EN integration Nozbe - overpriced, fiddly.
  4. What is the benefit of the dotted lined paper in the special notebooks, as opposed to say any notebook paper? I don't see why I can't just take a picture of a regular notebook and have the same result (apart from the smart tags that is). Do the dots somehow help the page camera to do a better job? Ultimately it all ends up as an image file though.
  5. Thanks - that was what I suspected. I actually wanted to use handwriting from my bamboo tablet on the pdfs. The preview tools are somewhat limited in that you can't do freeform annotations.
  6. I want to use skitch to view and annotate a pdf. I can open the pdf in skitch but I can't seem to get it to move to the next page of the pdf. It always just stays on the first page of the file. Here is why I want to do this - I want to use skitch as a live annotation tool when I record a screencast.
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