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  1. UPDATE: turns out that rebuilding the search index fixed the problem Thanks PinkElephant!
  2. I never realized that existed. I'll give it a shot - although I am not on that computer right now!
  3. Yes all the notebooks are in the same stack. It works on one computer, not on the other. My guess is that it is some OS issue. I should probably file a ticket.
  4. OK - I restarted my mac, and reinstalled EN. This error only occurs on one computer, not the other! I added a new tag to AD F&AA notes then did the filter then deleted the new tag and now they show up in full. But some other notes are missing. It's an issue because I really rely on the filter as a quick way of looking for stuff, and if I can't be 100% sure that the notes are there, then the whole "trusted system" falls apart! Here's the two lists; First All notes, the just the GTD stack. You can see the differences.
  5. One further bit of information - this problem only occurs on one of my two mac books (the older one). I might reinstall EN on it to see if that fixes it.
  6. MAC OS: I agree - it shouldn't matter - but here's what I find: Here is "All Notes" And then the "GTD" Note that the notes are all in the same note book "Project: AD F&AA" Yet, when applied to GTD, the filter misses some of the notes.
  7. I have a stack called GTD. In the stack are project folders with notes. Some of those notes are tagged !next When I search using the search box for "tag:!next" I get all the notes with that tag. However, when I use the "Filter by Tag" option, it seems to miss some notes. But when I select All Notes and filter by tag, I see them all. For some reason, it appears that Filter by Tag doesn't capture all the notes in a stack of notebooks. Clearly this is a bit of a problem for my workflow! Anyone else have this issue?
  8. That's very helpful. I didn't realize that "any" would apply to "tag". I thought any only applied to words.
  9. I am pretty sure I know that this isn't possible, but just in case - I want to search for the following tag:next and/or todo:false. I know EN doesn't do boolean, just wondering if there is a clever work around!
  10. This drives me crazy. It refreshes at every opportunity taking me back to the home screen. I have to say EN for IOS and IPad is awful. A truly painful experience.
  11. In EN for the MAC when I am in a note I don't see a reminder/clock button in the little tool bar for the note. All there is is a space for tags and a green share button. I can click on the dots to the right of the share button to get a drop down menu for reminders, but this is annoying. Anybody know how to get the clock button back? Pic attached..showing an absence of buttons!
  12. DOH! I just realized I can add a reminder with no date. This is basically just special tag. Never realized this!
  13. Quick follow on question. By using reminders, you are setting a due date for all tasks - correct?
  14. Very interesting. I think I need to learn more about the syntax for the reminder searches.
  15. I know this thread is a bit old, but my question is how do you complete tasks? I've found that any GTD based system always involves a lot of removing of tags once a task is complete otherwise the task/note keeps showing up. I know you could just delete the task/note, but that doesn't seem right to me - I like a record of what I've done. How do you manage the "task completion process?"
  16. This was the first time in several years that I really went down the rabbit hole of checking out alternatives. The grass really isn't greener on the other side! I would add that I am really encouraged by what we're hearing from the EN management - these new videos are excellent. Can't wait to get my hands on the new editor!
  17. .. here are my thoughts/experiences. My first note was made 10 years ago June 2009. I've used it entirely for all my personal stuff - travel, finances, kids report cards, music, web clips and on and off I've used it for work stuff - reference materials, meeting notes and even GTD. However, with all the talk and rumors about EN sustainability, I decided to try out alternatives. Here's what I found. 1. Bear. I am an amateur musician (not a very good one). In music a common notation for a sharp is a #. Bear treats this as a tag. So storing your music in bear is a non-starter. You could use other symbols, but why? Also Bear is another company, with a subscription plan that's just younger than EN. Why should Bear last any more than EN? 2. Apple Notes. Pretty good and free. But web clipping is non existent. Scanning is hard. Sync can be slow over icloud. You can't tag easily. Search is limited. 3. Notebooks.app. I really thought this one might be good. Idea is you store your notes in dropbox and then Notebooks creates a little file with meta data (tag, due date etc) for the note. Your notes are in a native format - rtf , pdf, html etc so no proprietary system. People seem to rave about it and it has nice IOS apps. But - no web clipper. There's a script you can use, but it's not great. And the big issue - I imported 1000 notes from EN and while it worked OK ish on the mac, my ipad froze. Suggestion from the developer was - don't put all your notes in one folder. Not helpful. Oh and sync is very very slow because you're layering the app's work on top of dropbox's sync. 4. Devonthink. DT is great if you are writing your manifesto/dissertation/research project and you've got 100s of reference docs (pdfs, clips, notes). DT has OCR and advanced AI to search and find links in all these files. But if you just want to organize some travel details, it is complete overkill. Plus, it's clunky and the learning curve is awful. It's expensive, but there are no ongoing fees. DT is a research grade program. 5. Google Keep. Is a bit of a joke really. 6. Notion. If you like spending a lot of time arranging things on a desktop then it's great. But it's still a proprietary system (unlike notebooks and devonthink where your content is stored in open files). And again - how do you know Notion will be around tomorrow. 7. OneNote. On the Mac it is pretty bad. They finally added search for to-dos, but you can't really create tags. On windows it's pretty good. Exporting from Onenote is not good. For example pdfs get exported as multi page image files. So I am 100% back to evernote. It has issues, sure, it's not perfect, but it's a lot better (at least for me) than the alternatives. Here are a few of my most fave things about Evernote. 1. Drag a note onto another note to create an instant link in that note. This is so awesome - I create master reference notes super easily. 2. You can search for unchecked to-dos. 3. You can save searches. 4. It is fast. 5. Even though your data is in evernote format, my experience has been that if you want to extract it to other programs, you always can. You have an exit strategy. Sure it costs. But I pay for Dropbox, I pay for Lightroom, I don't mind paying for Evernote. If you think you can get a good robust app for no-money then you are kidding yourself. Anyhow, just my 2 cents.
  18. I want to be able to provide a link to a note from Things 3. But however I cut and paste the link from desktop evernote I always get a link to the web version not the Mac OS version of EN. This is very frustrating. I know other apps allow you to create a link that will link back to the app. The link should look like this...if it worked... evernote:///view/**** etc. not https://www.evernote.com/*** etc. Any suggestions? thanks
  19. I messed around with other apps - Devonthink, notebooksapp etc. I have to say, the EN just works better for me. I can get exactly what i want easily from it. I will say that the ios phone app is my least favorite part of the experience, but I keep coming back to the desktop app as it just works.
  20. I have the same problem with my surface 3. I can swipe up and down in the notes list to see the notes, but swiping with my finger in a note just seems to highlight text in the note and not scroll the note. This is very inconsistent with other apps. It's frustrating as I have to try to manipulate the tiny scroll bar on the right to scroll the note instead Is there a way to change this behavior? Thanks
  21. 1. The latest version of IOS and evernote 2. OK - I didn't realize that was an option. I will try that.
  22. Does anyone else get this when they are trying to open EN in IOS? It's very frustrating. I can't get to the passcode screen, but somehow, after random button pressing, the keypad goes away and I can login.
  23. I've been an EN user since 2008. But about a year ago, after getting a nice shiny Surface 3 tablet, I thought I'd give onenote a shot. I was still using EN for all my personal stuff - capturing receipts etc, but thought it might be nice to use ON for work. The trouble is, I actually do most of my work on my mac. This is where I started to quickly realize the folly of moving from EN to ON, particular in the case of a mac user, but many of these frustrations are also on the Windows version of ON. So for those thinking about switching from EN to OneNote, here are some of the issues you might deal with. In Onenote: 1. You can't sort pages automatically. In EN you can sort to your heart's content on date, size, created, name... 2. In the Mac version of Onenote, you can't create tags. You can use pre-made tags. 3. In the windows version, as far as I can tell you can't create tags on the fly - like when you create a note. You have to make them and assign an icon to them. It's about 20 steps. 4. Searching for tags is not intuitive. While EN has a single search bar, ON has different places for searching. 5. You can make a note a subpage in ON, but when you move the parent page, the subpage doesn't move with it. Put another way in ON subpage means "indent". 6. You can't customize the layout very much. 7. You can now use the pen on EN to "ink" notes. Even for Surface 3 models. 8. I don't think you can merge notes in ON. 9. The apps for ON are, for want of a better word "chunky". There seems to be a lot of real estate wasted. 10. You can change the width of the various page elements in ON for mac. So if you have long note names, you won't be able to see the whole name. And here's where ON wins: You can customize the heck out of your note - fonts, colors, layout etc - it works very nicely with other MS office products. If you like making nice looking notes, then ON is much better than ENs more rudimentary functions. Thankfully, EN for windows has a very nice and easy to use import function to import ON notes. No such function exists on the Mac version though. I am not an obsessive EN user, but I've learned the hard way that it's the little details that I missed. Just my 2 cents...
  24. Ha figured it out: Right click on note Select:Substitutions Uncheck: Smart Dashes.
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