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  1. I had trouble finding it as well-- If you click on Notebooks so that you get the gray-ish screen, you'll be able to drag notebooks on top of other notebooks or into existing stacks. Right-click works as well. Not the most intuitive solution but Scottn57's suggestion does work. Drag and drop in the sidebar is the easiest solution for re-arranging stacks. The capability was in previous version of Evernote and I can't imagine why it would not be included in 5. Hopefully it's an oversight thus far and a fix is in the works.
  2. Two minor bugs since I've been using the beta: In Snippet View when you click the New Note in Collection button a new note is created but it doesn't come into view. (It seems that sometimes the new note comes into view but sometimes the new untitled note is simply put into the notebooks list of notes) Secondly, in Snippet View it seems the default "Sort by" is in reverse alphabetical order. I prefer alphabetical, so when I change the setting it stays in alphabetical order until I close Evernote. Then when opened it reverts back to reverse alphabetical order.
  3. Just did what Jackolicious advised and the issue is now fixed. "Open with.." works properly now.
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