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  1. I just upgraded from 1.8.1 to 3.1.2. I started making some new notebooks and stacks and moving notes around. But then when I would click on a note, the lower right panel in list view was just stuck displaying one note (no matter if I clicked on another) or a blank, uneditable note. This happened once and then Evernote crashed. It worked fine for a while when I restarted but then it happened again. I'm attaching a screenshot showing the problem (with all but the two relevant notebooks blocked out). Note that the note highlighted in the upper right panel and the notebook in the left panel do not match the notebook or note for the lower right panel.
  2. I just upgraded (from 1.8) and discovered that the iSight button was gone. Very sad. The first thing I did was to go to customize toolbar, and it wasn't there either! I really don't understand that decision. Default toolbar sets are useful and probably adequate for your casual user. But customization is really nice for people who want to work with evernote a lot. And taking things away once people have gotten used to them (without even the option to put it back like I had it) is just plain annoying. There really aren't that many options in the pull-down menus. With so few it would be really nice to have the option to put each on the toolbar. Even Microsoft Word with its gazillions of options in the pull down menus lets you customize your toolbars to put the odd ones that only you just happen to use a lot up there.
  3. This application lets you use multiple accounts on the same mac without logging off: http://www.jazzaround.net/eas/
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