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  1. It's approaching 20GB, which is proportionally too much. But also, don't be that guy. It's easy to get technical and debate people (I'm guilty of it far too often), but not productive. It's a legitimate scenario for many, whether you agree or not.
  2. +1 There are hundreds of votes for this across multiple overlapping feature requests! Given the issues surround file architecture on Mac that prevent us from having the same option as Windows users to define a different EN DB location, Selective Sync seems to be the only viable option...
  3. +1 There are hundreds of votes for this across multiple overlapping feature requests!
  4. @DTLow plenty of people have computers with storage limitations now that more expensive SSDs have become the norm. For instance, I have a work laptop (MBP) with only 128GB of storage. I've been happy to use the web/browser version, but there are times when certain functionality isn't available in the browser UI. Clearly the option to locate the EN DB somewhere other than the default HD is desirable and is done frequently by Windows users. I understand that the Mac file architecture makes this more challenging, but doesn't take away from the legitimate need and use-case for many users. Tha
  5. +1000 This would be the single most important feature upgrade for me. I want to select a "from" email address when emailing a note from within Evernote. For login and sharing of notebooks, I'm fine with it always using the official account email. Here are some specifics of my use-case... Everything I consume online (excluding video and photo only galleries) gets put into Evernote. It generally falls into two categories, personal and professional. And even within professional I have a long-time email for professional purposes, as well an official email for the company I just started. Ra
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