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  1. Sean G, I agree and he folks at Evernote were good enough to understand as well and put the item in the future dev queue. In the meantime, I reverted to the Legacy version of Evernote to preserve this rotation function. Just don't run bth versions at the same time if you do this as well.
  2. HI JeffRedbird. I did have success, or sorts. Two folks at customer support were very good to deal with and indicated that this feature is not active in the latest version of the Mac Evernote app, but took it as a feature request. I indicated that the feature was important enough to me to revert back to the Legacy Version. They provided me the link to do so and I'm back in business. You can run both versions, but should not attempt one while the other is active. At some point, if enough users request this feature carry over to the newest revs, I suspect we'll see it. At that point I will upgra
  3. Hi all. I just made a new post about rotating specifically, but I think I'm joining all your voices in my frustration over not being able to rotate a PDF within the app. This is just such a basic thing and it was working in the previous version by clicking on "annotate" and then rotating the pdf and closing it. Is it possible to return to the old version?
  4. I've used Evernote for years and have loved it. One of my et peeves has always been the difficulty involved in rotating a PDF. I need to do this all the time. Ultimately I learned to right click on the pdf and choose "edit and Annotate". This does indeed open the editing window, but the left and right rotation icons at the upper left of the editing window disappear after the image has loaded. This leaves me with all sorts of tool down the left hand rail that I have no need for, and no ability to rotate the PDF. I'm hoping that I'm just missing something and that this feature has not been remov
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