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  1. I hope it's not a bad omen to say this, but if it ever happens, that you have to shut down your services i hope that you make your server software available to the public. This way people could at least build their own private Evernote clouds. Although it might not be as easy as it sounds. I don't know. I wish it would be possible today already. A lot of people with privacy concerns, like me, would feel a lot better if they could use their own servers to host the Evernote service. The company i'm working for also would like to use it's own private service, since we can't use a public cloud because of the sensible data we have store in it. If the configuration and setup of the service is manageable for an ordinary system admin, you could sell your server software to companies. Is that something you would consider?
  2. That would be indeed a very useful thing to have. I can pretty much guarantee you that this feature won't be integrated into EN. The EN team said on various occasions, that the integrated features should be kept to the basic functions and that any further functionality should be realized through third party applications. They don't even want to integrate rotating buttons for images because it can be done by Imaging tools. That's a little exaggerated if you ask me. They also don't want to integrate a calender functionality in EN. They will provide a functionality for the notes, that make it possible for third party calender applications to use Evernotes Database, though. To make it short. Your stop watch is a pretty special piece of functionality, that has not much to do with note taking. So i see no chance it will ever make it into Evernote. If your really really want that feature, maybe you should write it your self and implement it into your own version of Nevernote. That's not the case. The note is saved while you are typing, so to speak. It looks like every 2 seconds or so the DB is updated with the content of the note. So, there is nothing to save and if your application crashes while typing, your notes will be there pretty much till the point where the application crashed. As Jeff said. The philosophy is normally to keep everything, although i could see why you would want to take notes out. For example to increase search speed and reduce search results. It would be great if you could exclude notebooks from the search index. Than you could move all your notes into this notebook. But that's not possible as far as i know. But if you really want to take notes out you can export notes as html files. PDFs aren't supported (yet). Maybe they will someday, if you ask nicely.
  3. EN doesn't search that way. It doesn't search for the whole string in your notes. It uses a treelike structure as far as i know. If you type in "a" in your search box it only selects the "a" branch of the tree and from there it goes on with the second letter and the second branch in the tree. In each branch you find links to the notes, where theses words can be found. This way you can do a very fast and error-tollerant search, which is necessary if you want a good OCR recognition. For example. If Evernotes OCR routine scans the letter "o" it just puts a link into the "o", "ö", "0" and "c" branch since the recognized character somehow looks like it. This way you will definitly find the correct answer when you are looking for it. You would also find it if you are looking for it with the wrong letters instead of the o, but you wouldn't search for that, would you? As for your question, why you can't use wildcards. What would happen, if you type in a "*" at the beginning? You basically have to but a link to your note into every branch and every subbranch of the tree. This wouldn't work. Evernotes search is designed for quick on the fly searching. This has it's pros and cons. The cons are, that you can't use wildcards, but that's acceptable if you see how well the OCR recognition works. Well, it isn't actually that good by itself. As you can see, it fakes it a little bit and is pretty fuzzy on it's own. Only in combination with the search-tree it delivers such good results as it does in EN.
  4. I have to say, that i'm getting the same results with my free account. My 300 dpi scans are mostly done within a minute or so. I never waited more than 10 minutes at most, even with very large and complex images.
  5. I have to agree with Vance. I never seen a forum, where the developers are so involved and reacting so quickly on requests as in this forum.
  6. BTW: There is still the bug on your site, that i mentioned a few month ago. If you want to order your gift at https://www.evernote.com/Gift.action and want to pay for it via PayPal by pressing the PayPal button you don't get redirected to PayPal. Instead you get redirected to Google Checkout.
  7. I second that. The notebooks should get their own window with their own scrollbar.
  8. Maybe i should mention this. I don't know if you know this, but a few weeks ago the service and your website also went down for 1-2 hours. At least here from Germany i couldn't access your servers. I can't remember the date and time exactly, but it must be something around two or maybe three weeks ago between 08:00 and 13:00 GMT.
  9. What kind of keyboard layout do you have? It's not the same in every language. On my german keyboard it's Ctrl + ü. Just play around a little bit. Press Ctrl + some keys near the Enter key. One of them will work.
  10. Hi!. It's me again. It's been nearly a month now since you have filed the bug report and the bug is still there. Do you have an ETA when it's gonna be fixed or don't you even intend tofix it? If so, then tell me, so that i don't have to bother checking in every few days to check if it is fixed or not.
  11. Hi! I recently noticed, that with an increasing number of images in my notes i get more and more false hits on text searches. Even though the OCR is very very good it's not perfect and often it associates wrong words with a text in an image. It would be nice if i could manually declare a recognition as false by right clicking the yellow marked text and clicking something like "selection does not equates search term". The only thing for you to do would be to delete the word out of the image OCR database and resync it. (I hope that's as easy as it sounds. )
  12. Than i must be quite clumbsy, because i already deleted a tag by mistake after a few days using EN. So i'm a little burned by this incident and was focused more on the notebooks, than on tags in order to organize things, but now i realize, that this is not the way to go. It would be great if the EN-Team could make the deleting of tags a little bit harder. It's not that anyoing to confirm the delition of tags. How often do you do that, really?
  13. Am i the only person or doesn't it bother anybody else, that you can delete tags including it's subtags with the delete key without any confirmation? Or ist this just me? I'm very reluctant to use tags as long as i can accidentally hit the del key, while a tag is selected and all my tags are permanentally deleted. Is there a possibility to make the deleting of tags/subtags a little bit harder?
  14. Thx. Maybe there is a chance i can purchase Evernote afterall.
  15. That's exactly what i'm seeing and if i click on the Paypal button i get directed to the same site as if i had clicked on the Google Checkout button. I tried it with Opera 10.53 and after that didn't work also with Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Vista and Windows 7. I always got the same results. The strange thing is, that the selection works perfectly with the subscription checkout. The problem only exists with the gift checkout.
  16. That could very well be the case and the idea to buy a gift certificate is very clever, but unfortunately it doesn't work either. But this time it's not Paypal that prevents me from paying. This time, i can't even select Paypal as a payment option. Although there is a Paypal icon available, it directs me to Google Checkout if i click it and not to Paypal. Is this a bug in your website?
  17. That's to bad, allthough i don't exactly understand why i can pay everywhere else via Paypal at companies located in the United Staates except yours. There must be something different in the method the payment is handled.
  18. I have the same problem. I also live in Germany and i can't pay via Paypal. Credit cards aren't very common here and google checkout isn't possible too. I very much like to use Evernote, but i won't get a credit card just to pay for Evernote. I don't need it for anything else. It would be great if you could look into the problem with the Paypal payment option and get it fixed. PS: I really really love your product and can't imagine to live without it anymore. Even though i still have to live with 40 megs a month.
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