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  1. Please add an option that turns the Evernote tile transparent, so that the background wallpaper shines through which is a new feature in WP 8.1.

    Evernote is one of the last apps, which hasn't implemented this feature yet and I'm just about to remove Evernote from my startscreen just because it looks so ugly with it's green tile on it.


    Please, please, please release an update with a transparent tile. It can't be very hard. Most other apps had this feature implemented within a day or two after WP 8.1 Dev. was released.

  2. Nope, what you're referring to is someone trying to plug a linux client into the existing EverNote Server Architecture.

    That's the whole point of the client software.

    You have to see Evernote more as a service than as a client software. No matter what client software, webinterface or operating system you use. It won't affect Evernote at all and you can't just sync your data on any other server you want. It simply lacks the abilities that the Evernote cloud has to offer (i.e.: image analysis and text recognition). It's not just a place to store data, like you seem to think.

  3. That's exactly what i'm seeing and if i click on the Paypal button i get directed to the same site as if i had clicked on the Google Checkout button.

    I tried it with Opera 10.53 and after that didn't work also with Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Vista and Windows 7. I always got the same results. The strange thing is, that the selection works perfectly with the subscription checkout. The problem only exists with the gift checkout.

  4. I have the same problem.

    I also live in Germany and i can't pay via Paypal. Credit cards aren't very common here and google checkout isn't possible too. I very much like to use Evernote, but i won't get a credit card just to pay for Evernote. I don't need it for anything else.

    It would be great if you could look into the problem with the Paypal payment option and get it fixed.

    PS: I really really love your product and can't imagine to live without it anymore. Even though i still have to live with 40 megs a month.

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