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  1. Well, we'll see about that. I'm an Evernote user for 5 years now. Two of them as premium user. That's over now. I'm switching to OneNote. Not being able to access my notes without being online is an absolute deal breaker for me. The nag screen isn't helping, too.
  2. The new position of the search bar is absolutely horrible. In v4 the distances you had to travel with you mouse cursor between the search bar and the notes was very short and optimized. Now in v5 you have to move the cursor from the note section on the left all over to the top right search bar to clear the search term, just to move the cursor right back to the left again to select a note. Why do i have to travel in v5 ten times the distance than in v4, to do the same job? It's not like we need such an increddible long search bar anyway or do we? What's the reasoning behind moving the search bar?
  3. Good luck with Google Keep, because they will probably stop supporting it when they get bored with it, just like they did with Google Reader.
  4. For everybody who is running XP, maybe Irfanview can be an alternative. I wrote the following batch file which scans the document and opens the image automatically with Irfanview. There you can rotate, crop or manipulate your image otherwise, before you import it in your Evernote account. Usually it only takes a click on the batch file and a Ctrl+S+Enter to perform a complete scan including an import. Shortcuts to rotate your image left and right are "l" and "r". Ctrl+Y crops the selection. To make it work just install Irfanview in the C:\Program Files (x86)\IrfanView\ directory and paste the following code into a .bat file: @echo off rem Try to delete temp file again for safty reasons del %temp%\irfanview.bmp 2>NUL echo Scanning document... "C:\Program Files (x86)\IrfanView\i_view32.exe" /hide=15 /scanhidden /dpi=(150,150) /convert=%temp%\irfanview.bmp echo Scan completed! echo Open document "C:\Program Files (x86)\IrfanView\i_view32.exe" %temp%\irfanview.bmp echo Delete temp file del %temp%\irfanview.bmp 2>NUL PS: You have to select your scanner which you want to use in File menu under "Select TWAIN Source" Also. If you are using a scanner without an autofeeder you might consider going in the Acquire/Batch Scanning Setup too. I don't know if this is really necessary, but if you have problems should select the first option "Single image: ..." and uncheck the checkbox "Close TWAIN dialog". PPS: I chose 150 x 150 dpi as a scan resolution, which is enough for my purposes. If you want to change this you have to adjust the values in the batch file.
  5. I finally like to see an implementation of due dates.
  6. Jep. Looks like it. The limit for free users is now 60 MB per month. Also i noticed, that free users seem to connect via HTTPS, although on the website it states, that SSL encryption is only a premium feature.
  7. I would prefer that you leave everything like it is. I don't mind creating a second account, if that prevents the possibility of exploiting the forum to retrieve data from the user database. There might be bugs in the phpbb forum software, which may can be used to do that. Why take the risk?
  8. Some people might actually have photoshop as their default app for a good reason. Maybe they use an other app which can't decide to integrate editing features, so they are required to have photoshop as an default app. For them it would take ages to rotate an image. I'm not one of those users, but i know some people who have photoshop as their default app. Well, however the Evernote team thinks they should handle this. My opinion on this is pretty clear and i hope that they will integrate basic and useful features if needed, even if they theoretically could be realized by third party software. As far as i know Evernote already confirmed the plans for a configurable UI. If that's the case, everbody who doesn't need a specific feature can remove the button completely and won't be bothered with it and those who want a button for a new feature can add it to their buttonbar.
  9. Now imagine you have to do this 20 times a day over and over again. Won't that be a little anoying? Doing this from inside EN would easily save you half an hour of unnecessary work right there. You have to consider, that there are some users out there, who clip a lot more pictures than you do. For them it can be a huge inconvenience. I'm not saying, that you have to create a button for all these features. This may clog the UI. Instead you can add all this to the context menu of the image.
  10. I dont think, that image rotating and cropping features will bloat the software. It's not really image editing, The rotation feature for example will just change the order of the pixels, that are rendered to the screen. That won't add much overhead at all. I agree, that you have to be very careful, that a software doesn't get to bloated and i know that your philosophy is to practically add no features at all, but i think that's as bad as adding to much features, too. The art of designing a good software is to add excactly the right amount and only the most important features and i think, that a few basic image formating (not editing) features are necessary. Otherwise you have to remove your text formating buttons also. Why integrate them, when you can format your text with an external HTML or RTF editor and insert it as formated text into your note? At least be consistent.
  11. I know what Evernotes stand is and i hope they do a little more, than just adding a few more fields to their database to save the due dates. I want Evernote to inform me, if a due date is near. It would also be ok, if Evernote would write an external notifier program like the clipper, that would handle the notifying functionality. That way Evernote would stay clean and running the notifier program would be optional. What i don't want is software from dozens of different developers. If i install a new version of Evernote i want to be sure, that the new version of the clipper, the due date notifier and whatever other program might come in the future are tested and are compatible with each other. I'd like to have everything from one single manufacturer.
  12. But you have to admit, that EN is often used and even advertised as a GTD application. EN could benefit a lot from some basic todo features like the reminder feature. Nobody is saying, that EN should turn in a full blown todo app.
  13. It also depends on your keyboard layout. For example. On the german keyboard layout it's Ctrl+ü. Just play around a little bit and try different keys and you'll find the shortcut.
  14. Well, apparently Phil Libin told the german press agency (dpa), that Evernote wants to set up a bureau in Germany. However. I'm pleased to see, that you are expanding in other markets all over the world.
  15. Congratulations, and thank you very much, for your plans to invest some of this money to build a bureau in Germany. As a germany user, this could only be a good thing for me. May i ask what the bureau is for? Is it just marketing?
  16. There seem to be a problem with the image recognition at the moment. I uploaded an image 29 hours ago and it's still not indexed. But i have to agree with you, that some feedback would be nice. For example the current position in the queue. I'd like to see how many documents are in the queue and how many documents are in front of me, even if the queue isn't strictly FIFO based.
  17. BTW: While you are talking about transparency. Did you know, that your animated sync button doesn't have transparent corners at the bottom? They are painted in a solid light blue color.
  18. That's the whole point of the client software. You have to see Evernote more as a service than as a client software. No matter what client software, webinterface or operating system you use. It won't affect Evernote at all and you can't just sync your data on any other server you want. It simply lacks the abilities that the Evernote cloud has to offer (i.e.: image analysis and text recognition). It's not just a place to store data, like you seem to think.
  19. I know that. That's why i said, that the protection hasn't have to be perfect. Most of my co workers don't have any tech knowledge at all. Some don't even understand the difference between a foreground and background window. Thoses people don't even know what files are. Only a few colleagues have to have access to my PC in a case of an emergency. If i'm on vacation for example. The last time this happend was several years ago. Otherwise the PCs are pretty much our own private PCs and everyone has their private stuff on it. Anyways. I've looked into the possibility to prevent other applications from beeing maximized or brought into the foreground. Don't know how to do it yet. It's possible to catch the messages from other applications, but to supress them until you typed in your password is a whole other ballgame.
  20. Of course i can. It's not necessarily a question of what i can or can not do. It's a question of convenience. I don't want do start and exit Evernote every time i want to use it. Besides. Some features like the auto-import wouldn't work while Evernote isn't running in the background. My point is. There is just no easy way to achive an access protection to Evernote if it's not build into the application itself and it would be nice if the developers would consider implementing this. If not i could try to write a software myself which works similar to the gameprotector, but instead of preventing the application from starting it should prevent Evernote from maximizing. I don't know if this is possible or how to achive this, but i could give it a try.
  21. Well, i guess that works with version 4, since a new instance of Evernote is startet everytime you click the Evernote Icon, but with version 3.5 that wouldn't work, as it's always running in the background. So the protector would only ask once while booting the system (starting Evernote) and not every time i double click the tray-icon when maximizing Evernote. I'll try it out with version 4, then. I hope it works. Thanks for the tip. I didn't see you mention it before. Sorry. Although i still think such features should be integrated into Evernote, so that i don't have to jump through hoops to achive the same thing. I don't think that i'm the only one, that is interested in this "feature".
  22. At the moment i get my screensaver after 30 minutes of inactivity too, but i have a little problem with that. I often have to connect to my PC via VNC and i can't connect to my PC while the screensaver is running. But even if that would work. I don't want to protect my entire system, because my co workers technically must have access to my PC. I'm not allowed to protect it. The only thing that should be protected is Evernote. It can't be that hard to implement the same kind of pin/passwort protection, that you have on your phone or the screensaver, into Evernote.
  23. I agree. I don't need an encrypted database or anything. What i need is just a simple password check to start Evernote, so people at work can't snoop around in my personal stuff, when i'm not at my desk.
  24. I would be satisfied if EN would support the new xml based fileformat only. This should be pretty easy to parse, since it's an open standard format and xml based. Maybe if the parser for the MS Office formats is implemented, the ODF format isn't that hard to implement, too.
  25. Why don't you create a tag that functions as a folder? That's what i do. It's whole purpose is to give me a better hierarchical structure of the tags. You don't have to assign it to any notes, but of course you can if you want to. And do you really have so many notebooks, that you need folders form them? Most people found out that it's better for them to keep the amount of notebooks to a minimum and manage their notes by using more tags instead.
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