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  1. I've had the same problem for at least a year if not longer. I agree that it takes 2-3 attempts (sometimes more) at renaming a PDF attachment for the new name to stick - this is every single time I attempt to rename an attachment. In my experience it doesn't appear that it has anything to do with unusual characters. But it is quite frustrating and annoying that I've had to add those steps to my workflow! iMac, OSX 10.15.3, Fujitsu ix500 (converted from an EE scanner). ScanSnap Home 1.7.0
  2. aha....thanks! I missed that checkbox -- didn't read it carefully because I thought it pertained only to beta releases (and if I'm using a beta release, I didn't realize it). fwiw, EN developers, I prefer the multi-column stack view because it provides so much more information in a more useful and concise fashion, especially with a 27" wide screen -- all of my notebooks fit on one screen. The "Advanced Notebook View" doesn't provide nearly enough additional functionality to justify a single column IMHO.
  3. I provided the hardware and OS configs for the sake of full disclosure. The EN version that I'm running on both machines is 6.0.15 (after just now upgrading from 6.0.13 on the late-2013 iMac). I searched (again) the Preferences as well as every pull-down and right-click possibility that I could think of, and still can't find a switch; one installation displays the notebook view as multi-column "stacks", and the other as a nested, single-column, expandable "list". Can anyone at EN help? Is this a "support ticket" issue?
  4. On some of my Apple devices (late-2013 27" iMac OS X 10.10.4) I see notebook stacks in multi-column "stacks", as in stacks.tiff. But on some other of my Apple devices (late-2009 27" iMac OS X 10.10.4), I see notebook stacks in a single column nested "list", as in list.tiff. I would like the option to view them in "stacks". Is the "list" view the only way, or is there a way to view them as "stacks"? stacks.tiff list.tiff
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