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  1. In Tyler, TX, can't sync Evernote Windows, Evernote iPad, or Evernote Android via local WiFi. But was able to sync all 3 platforms via Verizon phone data tether. So some traffic is apparently being blocked. If the server IP address has been changed, I'm wondering if DNS servers have to be updated with the latest info. Probably still pointing to the old address.
  2. I'm still unable to sync. Same problem. I notice that Evernote Status has not been updated. But the Chat Support person says the fix is for me to reinstall Evernote. Is there any chance that's correct or is it Chat Support script nonsense?
  3. Evernote is a fantastic product, but file handling much simpler in Dropbox. Maybe you could work together with Dropbox so that files stored on Dropbox are visible and accessible from within Evernote. A single interface to notes and files would be a great improvement.
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