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  1. I recently purchased GoodNotes 5 and I haven’t used penultimate since! Oops! With penultimate, it was just annoying that I couldn’t insert transparent images
  2. Would be great to have a wider range of pen colours and a tool to select a colour on the page and then to be able to draw with that same colour, like a paint dropper?
  3. When I want to insert a title that I’ve made or a transparent image it will always have a white background, even if the image is a PNG. This might be something that I’ve been doing wrong but if anyone has the solution or has the same problem let me know
  4. I’ve also found this issue! How do you upvote ideas?
  5. The only place I can view my notebooks is on this screen, look at the image
  6. I have the iPad 7th generation and I don’t have a trash folder
  7. When I attempt to move a large amount of text it leaves some dots behind! Once I even had whole words left behind! Please fix this!! IMG_0052.MP4
  8. There NEEDS to be a recently deleted folder! I accidentally deleted my notes and they took me all day to make ;( also when you draw over an image and move the image, the pen sort of jumps off the image and gets left behind in a mess; I’m not too good at explaining but please try this so you know what I mean lol. also folders within folders would be REALLY helpful i hope these great features can be added to the app - I love using it and I hope it can become even better!
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