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  1. Thanks for the reply, and sorry for my late reply. I used the Google sign-in option, which is basically the same as the one that I used on my laptop and my Android. The problem seems to come from the iPad not being able to communicate well with the server. I tried signing in on the browser, but it didn't allow me to, which is strange. However the situation is now resolved, somehow. Again, thanks for replying. #DHPianaholic
  2. Hi guys. I've been using Evernote for quite a while now. I'm currently a premium user, and I have Evernote installed on my Android phone as well as my laptop, which works fine. I've got a new iPad, and just downloaded the app from the Appstore, however when I try to log in with my Google account, it says that there are errors communicating with the Evernote servers. I've tried several solutions, including reseting the network settings, but it didn't work. Also, the solutions I found online are rather old-ish (do solutions from 2016 still work now? IDK). Is there any way that I can log into my Evernote account and use on all 3 devices? Would love to hear your suggestion. Thanks in advance! #DHPianaholic
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