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  1. Tim Stringer

    Will there be an Evernote event this year?

    I'm hoping that there will be an Evernote conference this year, and October would likely work well for me. Does anyone from Evernote have any news to share? If there is going to be a conference it would be great to know the dates soon so that I can block off this time on my calendar and make travel arrangements (I'll be flying in from Vancouver, Canada).
  2. Tim Stringer

    Copy Note Link Change in Functionality?

    For those of you who still need some help with this one, I just posted a free video that, among other things, demonstrates the use of classic note links. http://learnomnifocus.com/tutorials/omnifocus-evernote-integration-mac-ios/ The video focuses on integrating Evernote and OmniFocus on Mac and iOS, but the same approach can be applied for other apps.
  3. Tim Stringer

    mac (Archived) Sort by Options Should Be in Main Menus

    I agree that the "Sort by" options belong in the menu hierarchy. I am constantly switching between sort by name and sort by date and if these options were in the menu hierarchy I could assign them shortcuts (via the Keyboard panel in System Preferences)…assuming they didn't already come with keyboard shortcuts. I'm digging Evernote 5 for Mac as well!
  4. Tim Stringer

    productivity How do you define productivity?

    I like David Allen's definition of productivity. To paraphrase, he talks about productivity as producing the results that you want in your life or business. By this definition, a relaxing day on the beach could be seen as highly productive…if this is the result that you set out to produce. I think it's important to create a distinction between getting organized and being productive. If getting organized doesn't support the results you're trying to produce in any meaningful way then being organized doesn't equate to being productive. Conversely, an effective organizational strategy can greatly support the results that are being produced by reducing the risk of details falling through the cracks and bringing a constructive, proactive element to producing results.
  5. Tim Stringer

    productivity Using Evernote for GTD

    To clarify - GTD is an approach to productivity and not in itself a system. A GTD system refers to a specific implementation that might include tools like Evernote - though it could also include pen and paper. This is a subtle, but important distinction. I completely agree that there's no "off the shelf" system that works for everyone. In my case, my GTD system consists of OmniFocus for keeping track of tasks and projects and Evernote and folders synced through Dropbox are used for project support information. My system also includes a filing cabinet with actual folders and paper…though most of the paper that comes into my life ends up getting scanned and stored in either Evernote or Dropbox.
  6. I'm a big fan of the SnanSnap S1300. I witnessed this scanner in action at Macworld 2010 and bought one as soon as they started to roll of the production lines. And I couldn't be happier with my purchase. It has made the transition to a paperless lifestyle much more practical than it was previously.