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  1. We either need to get this thread so active it shows up on their radar or we all need to submit a support case. It also seems like they are making huge redesigns to the underlying infrastructure and taking on new software design processes which I’m sure is slowing things down as well.
  2. I contacted support and they said they tried to fix it and it caused performances issues. Here is the full response: I sincerely apologize that we provided you this experience. It is the exact opposite of what we pride ourselves on. We value our customers and understand how important it is to offer you exceptional service. I can confirm that this is something we are aware of and our development team is investigating. Unfortunately, we've tried to put fixes in place that seemed to have created performance issues, so it turns out to be more challenging to address as we thought. In
  3. All my apps are closed except Evernote. I search for something, open it, then switch to home screen. After 5 seconds, I switch back to EN and BAM, I'm back to search string with no search text. I need to type my search in again to find my note. This is unacceptable that it has not been fixed. I have both my IOS and Evernote on the latest version and it seems that everyone has had this issue for many months. Then you have the nerve to keep asking me to upgrade to a higher cost plan. I've been a customer for years and I'm planning to look for alternatives.
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