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  1. Thank you very much for fixing the note links. I use a lot of indexes, particularly on mobile. This was driving me crazy. Regards, Gary
  2. I'm slow. All mine show "Updated", and I can't find the check box for attributes to display. Regards, Gary
  3. Another option, for the non-keyboard crowd, is to drag the image onto the desktop, then into the target program. Regards, Gary
  4. Every couple of weeks I scan the trunk for new additions that would be useful. I probably miss stuff with some frequency. Alphabetic ordering is great if you are searching for a specific app, but the option to sort by date added would be really useful. It's difficult to notice if something has been add in the middle of the "Mobile section". There are featured apps, but they rarely change. This has been mentioned before, but I'll repeat it. If the platform was indicated on the main page, it would reduce the incidence of jumping to the specific app page, just to find that it is off no use to you. Regards, Gary
  5. In the Windows client, manage the merge order by holding down the control key as you click. Perhaps there is something similar in the Mac. Gary
  6. I'm confused. If I tap a phone number in a note on my phone, it brings up the dialer with the number filled in. It always has. Nexus One Android 2.3.6 EN 4.0.1 Gary
  7. I also like the design. I also frequently find myself back on the home page inadvertently. Perhaps I'm using a diagonal motion, but scrolling through a long note absentmindedly takes me home frequently. Gary
  8. I have a similar situation. I have a grocery list that gets up-dated with every trip to the store. With everything synced, the web, desktop and android tablet's read mode all show the same note. Entering edit mode on the tablet shows an older version. This is a note with check boxes. Don't know if this is relevant. The tablet is a Motorola Xoom, android 4.0.4, EN 4.0 Beta 1. Regards, Gary
  9. Are you asking for Evernote to use your Outlook Contacts to get the email address when you go to share an Evernote Notebook? OR Are you asking to import Outlook Contacts into Evernote as Notes? I can not answer for "fred". But it would be very useful to me if EN would remember at least a handful of addresses that you have already entered when sharing via email. A number of applications, Yousendit, WebEx, store recent addresses and present them in a drop down box that's accessible in the email address field. Saves the effort of looking it up again. Regards, Gary
  10. I don't know if this qualifies as a temporary work around or not. On my Xoom, once i have chosen "New Note", I get to pick the type of note. Since I have "Skitch" installed, it is one of my choices(the heart). I can then write a note and share it back to EN. Gary
  11. The same thing has happened to me. In my case, it seems that EN tries to up-date the note every time I check a box. Pretty soon all the syncing scrambles the "most recent" property & the whole thing explodes. I filed a service request, but no answer yet. Gary
  12. Imason, thanks! I realize I can direct the import, but have been scanning with EN closed. Who knows what notebook was open last. I had hoped that I could designate a notebook to collect incoming scans, to be sorted at a later time. Regards, Gary
  13. Hi, This scanner is listed in the "Trunk". When it's set up correctly it scans directly into Evernote. It's almost really nice. What's missing is the ability to direct the import of of the pdfs to a consistent notebook. The default notebook that normally applies isn't in play. I posted here because it's to a windows client. Does anyone have experience this with this. Regards, Gary
  14. I asked the same question. The answer is you can't do it. "As of know, we dont give write permissions to third party apps. We will explore this use case and take a feature request."
  15. I use Google voice actions to send transcribed notes to Evernote. It's pretty straight forward. The only issue is that I receive a copy of the transcription in both Evernote and my gmail "In" box. Does anyone know how to suppress the "In" box copy. Evernote 3.0.2 Android 2.3.4 Obviously this is not a crippling problem, but if anyone knows the answer, I'd be grateful. Regards, Gary King
  16. I could use a little help. Is there a trick or method to viewing a file(.xls) attached to a note, then saving it back to the note? This works in a very straight forward manner from the Windows client. When it is tried in Android, using Quickoffice Pro, it claims it is going to do it, then simply drops it to the SD card. Does anyone know if it's even possible on the phone. Google Nexus One Android: 2.3.3 Quickoffice Pro v:4.0.12 Regards, Gary
  17. Thanks for the answer. A bit embarrassed I didn't notice the location heading. I have rebooted the phone and repeatedly synced. Both in EN and the overall Android sync.
  18. Set-up: EN 2 Beta, Nexus One, Android 2.2.1 I installed the beta yesterday(10/12). All my notes synced appropriately. I've changed the content of a number of notes(in Windows) since then, and none of them have made it to the phone. No notes marked 10/13. I manually synced EN but there are still no updates showing on the phone. A somewhat related question. Settings contains 2 items. "Wi-Fi sync only" and "Use Network" that seem to be addressing the same issue. What is the difference?
  19. I realize this is a bit silly, but I don't care to search. It requires typing, and I'm not crazy about that. I just pick a note from the list that is presented. Gary King
  20. Evernote is probably great at gathering data with your phone while on the go. I just don't use it that way very often. Mostly I enter data from my desktop and reference it from my phone. Given that a number of the requests on the forum revolve around viewing or modifying notes, I don't think I'm alone in this behavior. Could we please have the button to access notes on the start-up screen. There's room, and there seems to be a serious bias toward info collection.
  21. I agree. The fact that the app interrupts with a request to update virtually every time I open it to view a note would seem to indicate a problem with the app.
  22. I have a Nexus One running android 2.2. The evernote app version is 1.5RC1. The app keeps offering to update almost every time I open it. It indicates a successful update, with higher and higher version numbers(the latest is 1.5.1(96950)). Still shows 1.5RC1 when you check when you check the app. I don't believe you folks are updating it as often as it announces. What's up? The constant updates are a bit annoying.
  23. This also results in the extra spaces being transmitted back to the web and the desktop.
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