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  1. Gaz, Also my experience. It works, technically, but I don't use it. It also saves a copy os the audio file. I don't want both. Regards, Gary
  2. When you have pressed the widget icon, don't release it. Releasing it executes it. That works for apps, but not widgets. Hold until the home screens appear. Drop on a home screen and the widget will ask you to configure it. Then it will 'work'. Regards, Gary
  3. David, My installation is in Windows 7. It ignores the default notebook and goes to the last notebook selected. I don't believe there are any settings to alter this. It's easier to simply select all "All Notes" and it's on the top. Regards, Gary
  4. Not from with-in Evernote. It has been requested many times. Regards, Gary
  5. I have a friend with a Mac and idevices. I'm on Windows & android. We believe the Mac app is the only one from which you can copy & paste. Regards, Gary
  6. Hi, This happens with some regularity if a new up-date has been installed. In Outlook Go to Options ~ Add Ins ~ Com Add Ins ~ If the Evernote.Add In add in is checked, uncheck it, exit, then continue If the Evernote.Add In add in is unchecked, check it & exit Regards, Gary
  7. 1. Only modification for me is a third group of temporary notebooks. The additional notebooks rise & fall between 5 & 10 notebooks. I really prefer visual search, things that I want access to in the near future go here. When it's time has passed, I tag the keepers, make sure the titles are helpful, move those to be saved to the archive, delete the useless & the notebook. 2. I add a lot of notes that of absolutely no future value. I don't keep them, honestly I don't understand the urge to keep them. I will never have a use for the picture of the parking lot column at the airport where my truck is, after I'm sitting in the truck. Regards, Gary
  8. Gazumped, My old phone only had 8 gigs of storage, but a 32 gig SD card. I had ~ 20 gigs of stuff on it, with 4 gigs left on the internal. Must have put something on the external SD. Regards, Gary
  9. It converts to a date when the note is a week out, but we're stuck until then. Regards, Gary
  10. There is an app, something like "Apps to SD" that helps. I had it on my last phone. Once installed, it lists the apps it can move, program data and all. Some programs are untouchable. Regards, Gary
  11. Scott, Thanks! I had managed to completely miss that choice in the right click. Regards, Gary
  12. If not on a desktop client. On the web, click on the user name in the upper right, ~Settings~Account Summary. Regards, Gary
  13. It's been that way for years. I have replaced mine with short, continuous underlines. It doesn't adjust for screen size or orientation, but it edits. Regards, Gary
  14. Two accounts open at the same time? No If one of the accounts is premium, you can switch between them easily, from within Evernote, without signing out and back in. There is a slight delay as the software loads the desired database. i believe it's called "Account Switching", and requires one of the latest betas. Regards, Gary
  15. Scott, Sorry. Just trying to clarify. And Blake still didn't tell us the official Evernote verbiage for this maneuver. However he did remind me about tapping the elephant, which is the easiest move. Thanks! Regards, Gary .
  16. Scott, I'm not sure how it should be described. i would have said swiping to the right, sliding the screens off to the right. It depends on the frame of reference. Anyone know how evernote describes it. Regards, Gary
  17. I don't believe so. The Android client does not have a built in viewer like the desktop & web clients It's an attachment until you call it up in a third party viewer.
  18. Slide the screens to the right until you see the "Home" screen. Not sure what the official name is, but it's the screen from which you can create new notes of various types. It's slightly different on tablets & phones, keep sliding them to the right until you see the grey background. "Sync" is at the bottom.
  19. I asked about this on the forums a long time ago. I believe it was Android 2.3.4. An Evernote employee responded that there was a problem storing the file back to the note. You could share a file into a new note, but not return it to a note in it's new state. I seem to remember the onus being placed on android. Regards, Gary
  20. I have EN on both a Galaxy Nexus phone and Nexus 7 tablet. Both android 4.1.1 & the EN installations are both 4.1.1(public). I wish someone would move on from 4.1.1, it's starting to confuse me. Directly creating a shortcut to a tag works on both, sometimes. Other times I get "All Notes". Regards, Gary
  21. "PenSupremacy" is supposed to be close. I have it loaded, and it works. Without any Apple gear, I can't comment on how the experience compares. Regards, Gary
  22. Works for me also. The dialer pops-up with the number entered, then you have to press dial. Samsung Galaxy Nexus android 4.1.1 EN 4.1 public Regards, Gary
  23. Logging into the app is entirely acceptable. But there needs to be a log-in option presented. Regards, Gary
  24. I have the same problem as Rosalie. Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1 Regards, Gary
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