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  1. @Grizzy44, Both options are Android oriented, not Evernote. To open occasionally from another app, I believe you will have to launch the reader app, then navigate to the pdf from with-in it. To change default programs: ~ access the "Settings" option ~ choose "Apps" ~ choose the default program, Adobe Reader in this instance ~ choose "Clear defaults" Next time you tap on a file to open it, Android for a one time or default app before it opens it. Regards, Gary
  2. @dlu I think this is somewhat related. I'm a little older, and sometimes get a little hick-up it the click when I choose a notebook to view. It is a small! movement of the mouse during the click. It imparts some serious momentum to the notebook, which ends up as part of a stack somewhere else in the list. I have to go look for it and drag it back to "Notebooks". Not a real problem and it's my fault, but it's annoying. Regards, Gary
  3. @AdmiralP - Share or save them to any place that you are comfortable accessing them. Regards, Gary
  4. @AdmiralP The "edit them, and re-sync to the cloud" part could be a problem. When 3rd party documents are opened into the local app, they may be edited. Something about the Android - Evernote connection, keeps the apps from saving back to the original note. You can save the changed document to another location(Dropbox perhaps?), then share it to Evernote as a new note. It's not real slick, but it works. I asked about this in the forums quite a while back. I was told it was an Android issue. I just tried it again, same results. I stick them in Dropbox, replace the original in the note at my desktop. Regards,, Gary
  5. @bttrflygrl, I've got a Nexus 7. I love it. It would be beyond awkward to use the camera for your purpose, I just grab my phone. Regards, Gary
  6. Scott, I have to use this occasionally. It's one of the commands that helps navigate Windows when there is no mouse. Not fun, but occasionally necessary. Regards, Gary
  7. Just note. The option to "Copy Note Link" isn't available until the note has been synced. If you just give it a quick try, it won't fly until the sync. Regards, Gary
  8. Scott is correct, however both account DBs are on the hard drive. Probably should also remove the appropriate one. Edit...I should add that this the case in Windows. Regards, Gary
  9. @zotium It is 1 GB for the whole account. Thus all clients are covered. Sign into your account on the Web, "Increase Upload Allowance" is in the upper left. I don't know of any other way to accomplish it. Regards, Gary
  10. @mrossk, If Evernote is off, It appears to sync immediately in order to provide up-to-date notes when started. If my phone is in "Airplane" mode, I get a "Last sync Failed" indicator every time. Regards, Gary
  11. @Avril, It's certainly not version 2, the latest can be found here... http://evernote.com/download/ . Regards, Gary
  12. List view permits you to access "Note info" from that screen. It should not be very hard to expand the contents of "Note info". There is a limit to what can be crammed onto the available real-estate, without a move on the users part to access it. Regards, Gary
  13. @Bartman001 I'm not sure the carrier is the issue. I have had 2 phones with evernote installed that did bring up the dialer, but both were Nexus phones that are unlocked and not configured by the carrier. I'd bet on the XXX-XXX-XXXX format. Regards, Gary
  14. It can be done on the local client for Windows and Mac. I don't think any of the device clients have the capability. Don't use the Web, so I can't comment. I'd love to be wrong. Regards, Gary
  15. Roel, On my set-up it will not save directly back to Evernote. You have to save it to somewhere else( Dropbox ) and substitute on the desktop or create a new note with share. Nexus 7 Android 4.1.2 ezPDF Reader Regards, Gary
  16. @jefito "I don't see any salient difference between what you proposed and what BnF proposed." Neither do I. Was hoping that 2 slightly different descriptions, with a bit more detail, would be useful. Probably should have left out "Actually, I'd suggest this.". Sorry, Gary
  17. This problem may be related to the problem in this thread, http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/30692-problems-with-latest-windows-evernote-update-added-text-disappears/ Regards, Gary
  18. Actually, I'd suggest this. Create Tag:Cars, Tag:Car A, etc. Then apply the appropriate tags(in Windows this can be all at once) and dump then all of them into a common container, archive. Delete the notebooks. Now the segregation desired can be achieved by clicking on a tag instead of a notebook. It will look the same in the listing. This does not apply to shared or local notebooks. I resisted this for a while, but really don't see any difference now. Regards, Gary
  19. I don't believe where it comes frommatters. Anything that's underlined in a text note prints with the underline as a strike through. Regards, Gary
  20. A minor suggestion to cover for my own ineptitude. Android devices frequently offer the opportunity to up-grade various apps. Today there were 7 of them. I fall into simply saying "OK" without much thought. They are all apps that I have intentionally installed. When Evernote is among them, you get the latest public release. There does not seem to be a path back to the betas. I track it down here and manually load it. No "Check for Up-Grades" in the settings, whick is there for betas. It would be nice to have a way to get back on track, as there is with the Windows client. Until then, it's my penance for for being incompetent. Regards, Gary
  21. There's a right click option to view pdf's as an attachment. Grayed out for png's. Regards, Gary
  22. I'm not sure whether I have a bug or am simply incompetent. With the release of the Windows beta, I now have an actual use for Skitch. My android devices are at version 2.0.01. I simply can not find the shapes tools(squares, lines, etc.). I checked an older tablet that had had version 1.4.45, shape tools present. Upgraded to 2.0.01, shape tools gone. I have tried sliding things around in case they are simply hidden, no luck. Does anybody have a suggestion. Nexus 7, android 4.1.2 Galaxy Nexus, android 4.1.1 Motorola Xoom, android 4.1.2
  23. Hi, I have a few types of browsers, they all require a sync before I can view a clip in the local client. The clips are going directly to the servers. Regards, Gary
  24. Mark, Manually install from the link in the first post. Regards, Gary
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