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  1. The new note button does not expand to offer the various types of notes.  It used to, but no longer.  

    It simply opens a new text note immediately.  Note types can be accessed from inside the new note.


    I don't believe I have any settings that could cause this.





    Nexus 5
    EN:  6.0  public
    Android:  4.4.4
    *** edit ***
    My apologies.  Tapping on the plus opens a text note.  Tap and hold presents the options.  I believe this to be a change.
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  2. I don't believe there is a way to append an existing note without touching the phone.  


    You can do it the way Gaz suggests( new note), or from the main screen say "OK Google, note to self"( new note), or click edit

    and tap the microphone on the keyboard then dictate into an existing note.




    * edit*

    I left out that there is a widget that can be configured for speech-to-text and place on a home page.

    This is what I used before Google Now.

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  3. I'm quite happy with the changes to Evernote for Android.  It is becoming more like the desktop version all the time.


    Adding attachments(from the main screen) to a note is very useful.  It is simple and quick.


    There is a list of sources to pick from, Dropbox, OfficeSuite, etc.


    Given that it's Android, Google Drive would seem to be an obvious addition.





  4. Secondly, I am unable to create a new document from within the Evernote app using officesuite pro 7. Is this feature only to edit documents from within the Evernote app or does one have the ability to get a fully functional version of officesuite 7 pro that can create new documents with Evernote premium?

    The only way I see to do this:

    - Name & save the document to somewhere that you can navigate to.

    - Maneuver there with a file manager app

    - Share to a new note in Evernote

    I can't speak for Evernote, but I think you have to buy the app, just like any non-free app in the trunk.



  5. I have the same thing happening. It started sometime in the last few betas.

    When opening EN on either the phone or tablet, if the sync interval has expired, I get "Last sync failed" every time. Auto sync is set to on.

    I've been riding it out because starting the sync manually always works. Guess I assume it will be fixed eventually.

    Galaxy Nexus, EN 5.1 beta 3, Android 4.2.2

    Nexus 7, EN 5.1 beta 3, Android 4.2.2



  6. @Grizzy44,

    Both options are Android oriented, not Evernote.

    To open occasionally from another app, I believe you will have to launch the reader app, then navigate to the pdf from with-in it.

    To change default programs:

    ~ access the "Settings" option

    ~ choose "Apps"

    ~ choose the default program, Adobe Reader in this instance

    ~ choose "Clear defaults"

    Next time you tap on a file to open it, Android for a one time or default app before it opens it.



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  7. I'm not sure whether I have a bug or am simply incompetent.

    With the release of the Windows beta, I now have an actual use for Skitch. My android devices are at version 2.0.01. I simply can not find the shapes tools(squares, lines, etc.). I checked an older tablet that had had version 1.4.45, shape tools present. Upgraded to 2.0.01, shape tools gone. I have tried sliding things around in case they are simply hidden, no luck.

    Does anybody have a suggestion.


    Nexus 7, android 4.1.2

    Galaxy Nexus, android 4.1.1

    Motorola Xoom, android 4.1.2

  8. (1) What do you wish that you had done differently over the time you have been using Evernote?

    I'm pretty happy with the model I started with, a few notebooks, a few tags, decent note titles and search.

    (2) What are you doing now?

    A mixture of work and personal - some notes that hopefully will last forever, some will get deleted in 10 minutes time.

    What I'm not doing is trying to force everything I do into Evernote, it's good at what it's good at and there are other apps that are better at other things.

    I also make sure to backup my Evernote data in a couple of different ways - my data, my responsibility.

    1. Only modification for me is a third group of temporary notebooks. The additional notebooks rise & fall between 5 & 10 notebooks. I really prefer visual search, things that I want access to in the near future go here. When it's time has passed, I tag the keepers, make sure the titles are helpful, move those to be saved to the archive, delete the useless & the notebook.

    2. I add a lot of notes that of absolutely no future value. I don't keep them, honestly I don't understand the urge to keep them. I will never have a use for the picture of the parking lot column at the airport where my truck is, after I'm sitting in the truck.



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