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  1. Import to Joplin is also working good: tags, notebooks, text formatting, lists, tables, attachments, links, etc. The only thing I had to change were the internal links to Evernote notes. I did it using search query "evernote:///view".
  2. Joplin is an Open Source product which allows you to keep full control over your notes: you can set up note synchronization with third-party clouds such as Dropbox or with a NextCloud on your server with full encryption. The simplicity, instant responsiveness of the interface and search are also advantages. Also Evernote notes can be imported into the database without any problems. But your own experience speaks better than my words. You can just install it and see for yourself.
  3. It's simple. No more Evernote, no more problems. In a month of using Joplin I have never been disappointed in it, and I wonder why I didn't do it earlier. As a bonus: during the time of using the new program I confidently mastered the Markdown syntax and now use it all the time without switching to the wysiwyg-editor. I am not angry at the Evernote team, although I suffered a lot with bugs after the upgrade, but until they fundamentally change the product in terms of performance and stability, I am sure that the product has no future. Sad but true.
  4. I am using MacOS Catalina right now. Everything is going fine. Did you try to look into Security and Privacy section of the System preferences to give the necessary permissions to the program?
  5. Been using Joplin for almost 10 days and I'm happy every time I touch this product: it's what I've needed all along. No unnecessary features that overload the user interface, instant click response, no slowdowns when creating notes and navigating. I also created a sync with the self hosted NextCloud on my server with full End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) encryption of my notes, giving me full control over my notes and no third-party access. NexCloud is very easy to install and configure and there is detailed documentation. But if this is difficult for novice users, you can set up synchronizat
  6. Long tormented with the fallen speed of work, bugs and unpleasant changes after the program upgrade, decided to interrupt a long friendship with Evernote and switch to Joplin. User with premium subscription should not suffer while using the program.
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