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  1. Apple Notes for daily stuff, DevonTHINK for heavy lifting (like research projects). Works great. Haven't looked back once.
  2. Migrating was not particularly hard. I exported each Evernote folder to an .enex file, and then imported them into Notes. One caveat: if you rely more on Tags than Folders, be aware that your Evernote tags will not transfer over to Notes. I didn't use Tags very much, so it wasn't a problem for me. If it is for you, you could probably write a script to add a tag-string into each note that belongs to a particular tag ... or maybe even export notes grouped by tag instead of folder. In any event, it was relatively painless, and I'm very happy in Apple Notes.
  3. Not that it matters to anyone but me, but I have removed Evernote from my devices and cancelled my Premium account. Various issues - from Spotlight searches not finding Evernote text to the company not allowing us to remove their applet from the Menu Bar, to the lack of Preferences, etc. - have caused me to do this. I am now using Apple Notes which is very reliable and more than sufficient for my daily needs, and DEVONthink for the heavier lifting, such as research. Others' mileage may vary, but I'm very well served with this new set-up. I have enjoyed Evernote since 2008, really appreciate Ian Small's increased communication with the user base, and admire his vision for the future, but alas, the rollout of all these changes has left me without features I need and want for too long. I wish the company well. But it no longer works for me.
  4. Using Evernote 10.4.4 and macOS Big Sur. Spotlight does not find anything inside Evernote. Not text, not even titles. I've even tried there Evernote Beta 10.5. Still no results. Am I doing something wrong? Is there any way to force Spotlight to index Evernote notes? I've been an Evernote Premium user for over a decade, and I have enjoyed and benefited from the app. But, alas, this is an absolute deal-breaker for me. If Spotlight can no longer find anything in Evernote, I'll need to close my account and find an alternative. Probably Apple Notes.
  5. I agree. I don't want Evernote Helper, and I don't want the Evernote icon in my menu bar. We need the option in Preferences to remove this.
  6. Thank you - you're so right. I just exported from EN and then re-imported into EN, and the size remained the same. Bizarre that other apps would change the size. I'm curious: you have any idea why?
  7. That's the first thing I tried, and it doesn't do it. If I increase the Evernote font size to 16, it shows up as 10.3 in Notes, no matter how I change the Notes preferences. If I increase the Evernote size to 18, it's 12 in Notes. If I increase Evernote to 24, it's 16 in Notes. For some reason, it gets reduced by 1/3 each time. I can make it look okay on the Mac (by sliding the slider in Preferences), but in iOS, it stays small.
  8. Hi - thanks for the quick response. I'm not clear as to what I can do with this information. I have thousands of notes to export. Would I have to explicitly define the font/size for each note, or just once in then .enex file?
  9. I just exported one Evernote notebook in which the font was Helvetica Neue 16. I used File/Export to a .enex file. When I imported that file into Apple Notes the font size was 8. I then imported the file into DevonThink 3 and it was also 8. So something in Evernote's export function is shrinking the font size. Is there any way to change that? I'd like the font size to remain the same when I import the .enex file into another app. Is it possible to do that?
  10. I'm about to do a clean install on a new Mac. Is it advisable to transfer the Evernote preferences from the old to the new, and if so, is it just a matter of copying the old plist file? Or am I better off doing it manually?
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