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  1. Same issue for me too. Let me give an example. Step 1: Take a screenshot in Mac Step 2: Paste it in Notes (Apple's default note app) Step 3: Copy that image from Apple notes Step 4: Paste it into Evernote Nothing happens. We cannot copy paste images from Apple Notes to Evernote
  2. Same issue. Opened a support ticket for the same. Did you guys get any response? I recently got to know that Evernote is charging me in USD all this time when the Indian rates were much lesser. I am a user in India and have been using Evernote since 2010. This is so unfair. I feel cheated all this time I want to switch to a premium account and can see that it costs only 1500 rupees, whereas I have been paying 35USD for Plus, which is about 2400 rupees yearly for PLUS. A tier lower for double the amount! What a joke!!! Pricing was apparently updated in 2016 as per this article -
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