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  1. So, yet another update to Evernote today - but import folders are shown as 'coming soon'. Can someone at the company please give their definition of 'SOON' ? A lot of your users are getting sick and tired of waiting for something which should have already been functioning when the so-called "upgrade" of Evernote was first released.
  2. So, we now have version 10.9.10 and import folders is STILL due 'SOON' - end of the centure Evernote ? Pink Elephant - I'm well aware that import folders (thankfully) still work in the old version - but they SHOULD have been added to the new version by now !
  3. For at least three months, Evernoite has been promising that import folders will be available in the new version of the program SOON. Can Evernote please tell us all what they mean by 'SOON' - in my view 'soon' has been past for some time !
  4. So, we get a useless update with Evernote Home ! You have been promising us the watched folder import availability back for months - it's far more important to some of us than this waste of time !
  5. Like all Evernote users we are fighting the supposedly 'improved' new versions : now we are informed that occasional use of someone else's laptop to access our data won't be possible as this will be classed as an additional user. There's one hell of a difference between a few minutes use perhaps once a week and routine use from a Web interface. Evernote continues to go down the route of deliberately making its program ever less attractive to its users !
  6. Your 'legacy' version should still be installed at C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote
  7. Just for information, on my W10 laptop the previous version of Evernote is still in place and usable - located at C:\Program Files(x86)\Evernote\Evernote The dreadful new version is instead under C:\User\username\AppData\Local\Programs\evernote-client !
  8. The good news is that the earlier version is still installedon your computer - and it runs perfectly !
  9. Why would anyone with an atom of common sense release this 'improved' - slow, memory-hungry - version of Evernote for Windows without waiting until import folders work ? Thankfully, the old version is still installed - so that can be used to handle this. The new version is installed in a ludicrous new location !
  10. I'm running the current version of Firefox (79.0) under 64-bit Windows. Since the recent update, the Evernote web clipper doesn't work in private mode - fact it says "Not Allowed in Private Windows" and "This extension does not run while private browsing." There was no problem before - can this please be looked at as a matter of uregency.
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