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  1. Hey all - Guest blogger, Johnny McClung, wrote about "How to use FollowUpThen and Gmail to create recurring tasks in Evernote". It's the band-aid and not the permanent solution, but it does work well. Hope that helps! Cheers!
  2. Hey there - great question ... and 100% I continue to practice what I preach and rely on Evernote for tasks, projects, and all of my actionable and non-actionable reference related materials. With respect to RTM, TaskClone, or any other 3rd party app that hooks into Evernote, I find all of them exciting and interesting. As everyone knows from my blog post about the Reminders, on Google+, and all of my excitement and multiple exclamation marks in the beta group here, I think that the Evernote dev team nailed it with Reminders. Absolutely nailed it. It further bolsters the methodology that I set forth in my book and reduces the need for extra tags such as "!Today" or "This Week" or "Next Week" or even "Later". There is so much going on with Evernote in beta right now that I believe later this year may be a better idea to begin re-writing my book for everyone. Now, that being said, I think RTM nailed it too. What I have wanted for years is a way to surface up just those notes that I need to be reminded about that I want to accomplish Today, Tomorrow, This Week, and later. I just want a list. Nothing else. I don't want notes - just a list I can check off. RTM, with its bi-directional syncing ... and I should add like freakishly fast ... like Usain Bolt fast syncing, you'll always have your Reminders up-to-date (and a link to the original Evernote note) no matter whether you do it in RTM or Evernote. I 100% respect the developers over there because they addressed a need I've been looking for in the marketplace for awhile and candidly, I think it's worth the $25/year subscription. They somehow took this document and figured out how to get it right and I truly respect that. Once in RTM, you can easily set up contextual tags and project tags, create smart search lists, etc. I do think its a good option for some folks One of the other white spaces I see for app developers to capitalize upon is taking checklists within the body of a note and surfacing that up as individual tasks. Peter Tamte figured that out when he developed NoteSuite (which, I believe given who he is and another year's worth of user feedback will be a true fighter against Evernote). I also think that Troy from TaskClone saw this and that's why he's been developing his app. His app gives folks the ability to use a task manager of their own choice and not only extract those checklists and put them in their task management app, but also pulls due dates and hooks into a calendar. It's ideas like this, that Peter already has in NoteSuite, that I think will ultimately get rolled into Evernote's native app. This may have been a bit longer than you were expecting, but get me at 5:38 AM with my cup of espresso, and look out ...!! I hope that helps some, friend. Cheers!
  3. Hi Troy - thanks for the post. We can talk more next Friday, but something may have gone awry because I ended up with 116 new tasks in RTM with the evernote:/// as the task name. Also, I thought I tried selecting against the option, but I ended up with "|TC|" in about 20 of my notes that have checkboxes in Evernote. I think overall its a great idea. Maybe it was user error on my part?
  4. Hi everyone! On my blog this morning, I wrote a post about my experience on how I taught my homeschooled 10-year old how to use Evernote for his research assignment. I just have to say how awesome this experience was for both me, my wife, and naturally my son! I am not only so proud of my son, but this post really drills home Evernote's vast potential, ease of use, and what we, as adults, can learn from this marvelous experience. Have you taught your children how to use Evernote? I'm very anxious to hear if anyone has ever done this or how you feel about teaching homeschooled children how to leverage Evernote in this manner. Thanks!! http://www.degconsulting.net/2013/05/evernote-kids-education.html
  5. Kudos to you, Lauren! It's a top notch post for sure!! I've levered your Daily Portfolio in a big way! Thanks!
  6. Hi there! I'd like to add my two cents to this post. This question, not surprisingly, has come up so many times before. As many know, since I wrote the eBook on how to use Evernote as a full-fledged GTD system, I use Evernote for everything - both todos and reference related materials. That being said, I know that one size does not fit everyone's productivity systems. Everyone works different and everyone has different workflows. Here's my biggest recommendation to you and what I tell so many of my clients: What few things must absolutely go right in order for you to have a productivity system that will make you more successful? I typically follow that question up by asking: What has not gone right in the past? What challenges have you had? The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to take a giant step backwards and think about what would your system look like if it were completely analog? Would it be a folder for @calls, a folder for @emails, a folder for @waiting for, and an A-Z folder system for reference related materials? Would you have 43 folders for every month and each day of the month? How would you process your information in a non-digital world? The reason why this is so important is because one must master the process before mastering the tool. If you can figure out how to do that successfully, learning how to do it in Evernote will be simple! I truly hope that helps!
  7. Hey all. Thought I'd chim in here as well. I think this is a really great business move by Evernote. Ultimately, I imagine the long term plan here would be to integrate the handwriting technology right into the app itself, allowing for users to type and write at the same time - and likely add the zoom feature. Personally, I've been so thrilled with my Livescribe pen that I gaveaway my styli for my iPad. There seemed to be too much frustration in "getting it right". The LS pen allows me to take notes and instantly send to Evernote. Pretty sweet - and it's a real pen! Bonus.
  8. Thanks guys. In thinking about it more, I don't see a reason why I wouldn't have the work iPad have my regular Evernote account on it since I have it on my work PC anyway. Only I can access the iPad, so there aren't any concerns there; and plus the iPad has a password on it. As far as data, no it definitely wouldn't put me over at all. I guess if I was really concerned about security (having mixed data in my account), I wouldn't keep my regular Evernote account on my work PC to begin with! Thanks all for helping work through it "out loud". Having everything consolidated and easily searchable is the beauty of Evernote after all! (Oh, and Chris - yep, I've been titling my reference related notes the way you have it - I think it's addictive really. )
  9. Hi everyone - Let me provide for all of you my scenario and please let me know what you think my best would be: I have an Evernote premium account for everything I do - work, my eBook business/blog, and home life. Historically, I've been kept this account on my work PC, home MacBook, my personal iPad, and personal Android. The day job just issued me an iPad that has work only apps on there which is great. The question becomes now what to do about my Evernote information on the work iPad My thought process is: Open a new Evernote account for my day job (I don't mind the $5/month), and share from my personal account to my work account the information I need so that I can access it on the work iPad. Export the ENEX files I need and import them into the work account. Just use my regular Evernote account on the work iPad Thanks everyone for your input!
  10. I know Grumpy Monkey's way of creating index notes are very much like an index. Check my interview with him on my site and also his posts here in this forum. http://www.dangoldesq.com/2012/03/how-phd-student-uses-evernote-to.html#.T2MYkGJSRpE. Hope that helps.
  11. Many thanks to Grumpy Monkey for an amazing interview on my site! I think people can learn TONS from your setup!! http://www.dangoldesq.com/2012/03/how-phd-student-uses-evernote-to.html#.T2By-2JSRpE

  12. @GrumpyMonkey - Holy cow. Ok, there's so much racing through my mind right now! I'm going to PM you ...
  13. GrumpyMokey - I love your style!!! That's awesome!! If I say please, can you send some screenshots. I love it!! Thanks!!
  14. PS: Feel free to check out my list of Evernote & GTD favorites!
  15. Roue - you're right on, friend. I'm a big fan of keeping things simple. Especially when it comes to GTD. Less is better. But as you pointed out, GTD is so personal and it's so important to trust your instincts and go with what works for you! Take advice with a grain of salt.
  16. Roue - Great question. I use AoR tags such as @home, @office, @blog for my todo items, but for reference items, I have a master tags such as .01 Home, .02 Work, .03 Recipes, .04 Reference, .05 Stuff. Under each of those parent tags are tags related to those. In other words, none of those master tags actually have any notes associated with them. They're merely there as "place holders". I'm up for being convinced otherwise! Take a look here. Let me know and thanks for the great question!
  17. Simon - Sorry I'm just seeing this now, but I wanted to thank you so much for the kind words! I hope you liked the 2nd edition just as much (if not more!)!! Cheers!
  18. That.I've found, for myself, that I need to have dates attached to tasks or they just slip off the radar - especially given that, like many people, I'm not the only one writing items into my task lists! I have both personal lists and calendars and corporate ones crossing departments - some behind firewalls. Merely marking things "today" can be a real chore when definitions of urgency and importance are constantly in flux - maintenance effort grows unduly. Instead I use Google-Calendar tasks for task items (easily dragged-around between calendar dates without having to do any typing) and have been migrating "support" notes into Evernote based on specific projects (or project domains). Google's web interface won't hot-link Evernote URLs, but the mobile clients link them just fine. I used to keep those notes in, of all places, a mix of moleskines and my gmail contacts list... this is a bit cleaner. I completely agree with you. The calendar is for appointments with actions with specific due dates and times. Everything else goes in Evernote. That said, I like the idea of creating some other referenceable tags such as "This Week", "Next Week", "This Month". There's definitely maintenace here, but I can see that being possibly easier than having so much in a Today tag. The other school of thought of course is that one would only put in their Today tag 3 to 5 next actions that must absolutely get done during the day. This is a great post, let's keep the ideas coming! Cheers!
  19. Hi Everyone - I 'm sorry I'm late to adding in my feedback to this post! I very much agree with David, jmayson & Joshua. GTD is amazingly personal. Of all the marvelous feedback from my readers of my book on Evernote + GTD, the one thing that stays fairly consistent is that everyone's workflow is different. Everyone's idea as to how to setup Evernote + GTD together is unique ... and that's the beauty of Evernote. I've helped folks create anything from a skeleton to a complete mimic of my system based off of what I've done in my book. And that again is the beauty of Evernote. I liken Evernote to a blank canvas for a painter. Each of us has the same colors in our palette, but our work product will be slightly different. In fact, the funny thing about the GTD book, as I've noted many times before, is that he just tells us to use a "trusted system" and then leaves it to all of us to figure out how to apply the principles and philosophies in our own way. That is the biggest reason why we have a completely over-saturated and over-monetized GTD app space. If I can offer up any wisdom at all is this: do what feels right to you. Do what you believe is right. Because one man's trash is another man's treasure trove. Remember, the ultimate goal here everyone is the "doing" and not the "tinkering" or "hacking" of systems. Pick up some ideas from these forums, make some changes, and be productive! Cheers!
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